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SMITE: Nike’s Valley of Victory launches – Victory Bundle Giveaway

SMITE is one of the premiere games I think about when it comes to the burgeoning MOBA genre. Few games have sustained as many fans, and part of that reason is because developer Hi-Rez is always willing to innovate and try new things. Well, Smite’s First Adventure – Nike’s Valley of Victory, is further proof of this commitment to fun above all else.  SMITE Adventures are limited-time game modes with their own unique sets of rewards, rules, and even available heroes.

Check out the trailer, and go play the Adventure now on the PC. It launches next week for XBox One and PS4 versions.

Smite Adventure Mode Nike Skin

Oh, did we mention there’s also a sweet new skin for Nike as a part of the Victory Bundle? Yeah, well we’ve got a bunch of those (PC Codes) to giveaway here as well. To enter, just sign into the site, leave a comment as to WHY YOU WILL BE VICTORIOUS in the new adventure, and we’ll be selecting the winners and mailing out codes this weekend.


  • One entry per account
  • Must explain what will make you victorious in the adventure
  • Must enter before Friday, March 3rd at 11:59PM EST.


Profile photo of William Murphy
The Greatest Excite Bike Player of All Time (GEBPAT for short) and Editor in Chief of and


  1. Profile photo of Acarone

    Because i’m a “” subscribe, and i’m the most powerful….naaaa i never win nothing, but every time i hope i can win, and no one can take away my hope!

  2. Profile photo of Stycs

    I participate for the giveaway ! 🙂

  3. Profile photo of rreo1215

    I’ll be Victorious in this adventure because i’m already an old player and fan of smite for few years already and i’ll play ad my favorite god of all, Fenrir! My twitter is @rreo1215

  4. Profile photo of Marcel Gutierrez

    because i was a beta player of smite and i love this game, Sun wukong main present 😀

  5. Profile photo of Shiky

    I will be victorious because if i don’t my wife will kick my ass, we’ll be in a party afterall. But on a brighter note, capture the flag mode is an all time favorite for me and my wife and i think together with the experience we have in smite, it should work out well.
    Ps. My wife will carry me

  6. Profile photo of Alessandro

    I’ll be victorious in this adventure because artemis is one of my favorite god/goddess and i play smite for years so this will help me a lot(i hope :P). Good luck to all! 😀

  7. Profile photo of Roberto

    I’ll be victorious because i will play smite adventure mode with my friends, and premade is funnier and better

  8. Profile photo of Megatronjohn

    I WILL PREVAIL OVER MY OPPOSITION because I am a cuul kaat

  9. Profile photo of Valyn

    I will be victorious because I have Nike’s blessing on my side! Not to mention because my tennis shoes are NIKE…so there’s no way the other team can catch my flag! ;D

  10. Profile photo of Gabriel Bers

    I’ll be victorious because i play SMITE since Beta and i really love play this game with friends,
    and my favorite god is Ymir! YMIR IS INVENCIBLE! 😀

  11. Profile photo of Andrew

    Ill be victorious because Nike will bless me on the battlefield

  12. Profile photo of Nargon

    Why will I be victorious? Well,that’s simple,as long as I queue with people whom i can communicate with,no match is unwinnable 🙂

  13. Profile photo of Radosław

    I’ll be victorious because I can make use of various tactics that will help my team win. If any tactic fail, then I’ll use help of other teammates which will lead us to victory.

  14. Profile photo of Stevenhuxley

    Why will i be victorious haha i got ymir the best gaurdian at max rank and i got loki at max rank i love smite and i will rekt all who goes against me

  15. Profile photo of Jay Jay

    I wont be victorious on the CTF mode BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I WILL BE VICTORIOUS IN THIS GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    … i hope ::(((((((((((((((((

  16. Profile photo of Lewis Brear

    I will be victorious because Nike will guide me in battle

  17. Profile photo of KingLoler

    I shall be VICTORIOUS because I am a really big fan of the game and I’ve played it for years and years and I would be delighted to get this bundle and rek havoc on the battlefield!

  18. Profile photo of Thomas

    I’ll be victorious because CTF modes have always been my forte in multiplayer games. FPS, TPS, etc. I’m really looking forward to play this CTF mode as well!

  19. Profile photo of Kaniza

    I WILL BE VICTORIOUS because I got the right combination of luck, Nike’s blessing, game knowledge and skill (mostly luck but pssssst)

  20. Profile photo of Gabriel Bers

    I’ll be victorious because i want play adventure mode with friends and have the Nike’s Conqueror skin, thats all

  21. Profile photo of CaptainMuffins

    I WILL BE VICTORIOUS because I’ll use my diamond Herc skills to snap some necks with a boulder!

  22. Profile photo of Ivan

    It’s simple. I’ll be victorious because I’ve been accumulating frustration for countless months that will explode, killing everyone and I’ll be the best.

  23. Profile photo of briantputra

    because this game mode is interesting and funny,,,

  24. Profile photo of Somogyi Áron


    cuz look at my horse guan you and the good nike skin is my dream

  25. Profile photo of Aarón

    I’ll be victorious because I’ll be playing tonight and everybody knows that… Tonight we are victorious, Champagne pouring over us, All my friends were glorious tonight we are victorious! (Referencing “Panic! at the disco” is going to make me victorious too”

  26. Profile photo of markus

    I’ll be victorious because I’m a dane and from day 1 we are teached the ways of the flag!

  27. Profile photo of Luke Novo


    Because blessings await the victors!

  28. Profile photo of Víctor Guerra Calvo

    I’ll be victorious because as my name says I’ve born to be it, also if i got the bundle I’ll have the favor of nike so that means I’ll be victorious

  29. Profile photo of Balazs

    Why ?
    Cause my favorite film caracter Jack Sparrow and susano skin like Jack :3 !!

  30. Profile photo of RektEdge

    I will be victorious as I will play Guan Unicorn EVERYDAY!

  31. Profile photo of Mihai Pavel


    I don’t think there is a reason why I should win this, everybody has equal chances, so enjoy the giveaway. 🙂

  32. Profile photo of Kevin Danis

    I’ll be victorious because no one has more memes then me. No one.

  33. Profile photo of Niko

    Teamwork will lead me to victory!

  34. Profile photo of Alyssaaaaa

    My perseverance through 3 of HiRez’s beta testing should be a testament to my willingness to put myself through pain to be victorious!

  35. Profile photo of the0mr



    ..and probably my friends will help


  36. Profile photo of Christian Herrera

    Because i am NIKE GODDESS OF VICTORY!!!!!!

  37. Profile photo of John Jackson

    I will be victorious because I am willing to do anything for the team. I play whatever role is needed and always try to stay positive. Being victorious is a total team effort so it is always important to stay calm, be understanding, and help in anyway possible. Even if I am having a rough game and fall behind, I can still contribute by helping to keep team moral high, constantly communicating, and buying wards. Everything matters. So lets go out and lead our team to victory!

  38. Profile photo of thatonegamergirl

    Why you will be victorious? Simple, Loki main

  39. Profile photo of Hedric

    Why sould i be voctorious?
    Cause “I’m the greatest” smite players will understand ^^ !!!

  40. Profile photo of SpyKnife

    What would make me victorious?
    Well of course my game skill and knowledge!

  41. Profile photo of Priyansh Pilly

    Why will I be victorious?

    Because I’ll wreck everyone as Loki

  42. Profile photo of King_TN

    What would make me victorious?
    Well of course i get carried by my team

  43. Profile photo of alohides

    Positive attitude teammates will make me victorious in the adventure.

  44. Profile photo of Petar Maksimovic

    I’ll be victorious in the adventure because I’m already victorious even without it.

  45. Profile photo of Tier09

    Because i am poor, lol, and i’m a smite player since beta, and you all guys are awesome, brazilian player here 😁

  46. Profile photo of Matty

    Well this question offenses me a bit, because I suck and feed and will not be victorious at all. Pche.😂😞😂

  47. Profile photo of i fuck ur girlfriend

    Hi ,
    I would love to win because its not possible for me to spend much money into smite since im a stundent and haven’t enough for smite every event left. Good Luck to everyone.

  48. Profile photo of Victoria

    Why will I be victorious? I guess because I´ll keep trying, even if fail, never surrender.

  49. Profile photo of Stycs

    I’ll be victorious in the adventure, because damage ymir is op ya know ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  50. Profile photo of xslime

    Why will i be victorious?
    Because i will never stop fighting to get Nike’s booty. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  51. Profile photo of Fabo

    I participate. 🙂
    Why will i be victorious?
    Because I’m lucky and God with me. (Really just ask him)

  52. Profile photo of saikyo

    I will be victorious because i always win xD
    Thx for the giveawway 🙂

  53. Profile photo of Darko

    Thank you for the giveaway first of all,
    Secondly, Now I’d love this bundle because i had to spend my money on some real life stuff which means i couldn’t afford the bundle, it would be splendid to win this giveaway, I’ve recently started playing Nike a lot in solo and it would be awesome to get the skin for her, also would love the gold key for the Susano skin, as i am quite an experienced Susano player.

  54. Profile photo of Deni Nazdrajic

    I’ll be victorious because I’m gonna instalock loki and steal the flag from the enemy team!

  55. Profile photo of cratzys

    I will be Miss Artemis Victorious when I place all of my traps in the way for my enemies to capture the flag, when they’re trapped and boarfixed they will lose their flag when Loki steath-steal it! VICTORY 😀

  56. Profile photo of Seth Barr

    I will be victorious because I must – I must have that Nike skin that is.

  57. Profile photo of Mimo

    Why will i be victorious ? Well team play i guess and it would be a awesome if i win this so i can give it to my gf in her birthday. 😀

  58. Profile photo of annemrkel

    I will be victorious beacuse I never surrender and i always play until the end hoping to win each game I play.

  59. Profile photo of Anton

    I will be Victorious because I spend many hour practicing against a wide background of opponents. Therefore I have good gaming skills. I am highly motivated to win because I really love the game.

  60. Profile photo of Impo

    I will be victorious because with my mate we gonna be unbeatable because we have the blessing of our goddess Nike and with her blessing we gonna carry our flag to the victory! #FrencTeamIsHere!

  61. Profile photo of Vice Huxley

    I will be victorious if my team works as a unit, working together will ensure our victory and we are here to win to never surrender and to always look forward and this bundle is mine!!

  62. Profile photo of darkeside

    i will be victorious if my team understands my plays, the cancer is weakning me over but i like playing and enjoying with friends so it will be nice if you give me a code so i can showoff to them i’ll be so greatfull thank you <3

  63. Profile photo of Mauricio Gonzalez

    I’m victorious because I F6 ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

  64. Profile photo of CloudyOne


    Everyone is victorious at some point. Any kind of good makes you victorious, any kind of evil too. We decide when we’ve won.

  65. Profile photo of gloem

    I will be victorious because of smite give me the chance to be victorious and with these bundle we will show other how does victorious look like

  66. Profile photo of PiLix

    what makes me victorious? try hard vs 5 premades win 😀

  67. Profile photo of kakashi

    WHY YOU WILL BE VICTORIOUS in the new adventure?
    “Trust in me and I will grant you victory”, I believe in Nike

  68. Profile photo of Stephen

    I will be victorious because I will rally my team as Ymir and lead them to great victories against our opponents! Playing support is key to any good team.

  69. Profile photo of PhysiqueMetal

    I will be victorious as I can become Loki in this game mode. As Loki is my best god, I will definitely not lose and carry my team throughout the whole match.

  70. Profile photo of ValueOfY

    I will be victorious since I know a LOT of mythology so will give me a mental advantage over my enemies. Also I know how to play Ymir.

  71. Profile photo of MyMainSusano

    I only want that limited susano skin…. Because he is so fun when u go and destroy the enemy team….

  72. Profile photo of Aman Agarwal

    I will be victorious because I will get a penta kill ^^

  73. Profile photo of Lyfiell

    I will be Vcitorious because I play the game since beta, and I have the best qualifications to be succesful in this andventure!

  74. Profile photo of Imre Simon

    I will be victorious, because I am persistent, I never give up. Not even mentioning that I want to do all the achivements, and that requires a lot of time and toughness.
    My Twitter is @bigsmitefan

  75. Profile photo of MB

    I will be victorious because I am old and I played countless capture the flag rounds in the old days (the 90s!) on unreal tournament . 😉 You can count on me – I know all the tricks and will keep that pesky Loki off your back.

  76. Profile photo of NightMile

    i will be victorious because i am Father of the Frost Giants and i support my friends 98% to win. have fun.

  77. Profile photo of raggabrash.

    I’ll be victorious because I don’t main anyone.

  78. Profile photo of Matthew Barr

    I will be victorious because I am with my team and we work together and support each other to the very end!

  79. Profile photo of deathlybullet

    I’ll be victorious in this adventure because Ymir ready for boom!

  80. Profile photo of Trriton Porta

    I’ll be victorious because i will play the mode with my friends and herc is sooooooooooooooooooo awesome.

  81. Profile photo of jojolionheart

    Thank you for the giveaway and good luck all !
    Why i’ll be victorious ? well, why not ^^

  82. Profile photo of Ivailo Ivanov

    Cuz why not? Just gonna learn how to be organized and play as a team and the victory is gonna be a sure thing for me 😉

  83. Profile photo of Chris Kristjan

    I will be victorious, because i will always lowki carry if aNUBis in our team. Y mir is the one who carries you ask? Because i shall make artemiss and herculess. 😉 (sorry…)

  84. Profile photo of Nila

    What would make me victorious? Playing with my friends, whether winning or losing, playing with friends is always a victory for me 🙂

  85. Profile photo of Drew

    I’ll be victorious if I get that sweet new skin, all you need is to look good and it’s always a win for you.

  86. Profile photo of Nexus

    I’ll be victorious because I think my bad luck will go away someday ;-;

  87. Profile photo of FenrirCrow

    I’ll be victorious because there are 2 Norse Gods in the Gamemode #NORSEPOWER

  88. Profile photo of JohnnyDragos

    Yarr, matey, fer dat sweet Swashbuckler Susanoo ya can git withe the key in tha bundle.

  89. Profile photo of Romanian

    I WILL BE VICTORIOUS BECAUSE I HAVE MY TEAM WHICH IS THE BEST TEAM IN THIS GAMEMODE!! We on leaderboard first 20 no joke . And also i never win anything just wanted to let you know how good me and my team are at this game mode boyzzz

  90. Profile photo of xPaulMD

    I will be Victorious because I have the will…That is all I have and that is all I need.

  91. Profile photo of Bleadeth

    I WILL BE VICTORIOUS because the truth behind is to believe in yourself and I do, everyone should believe in theirselves and be THE VICTORIOUS

  92. Profile photo of Victor

    First of all my username Victor, is translated to “winner” or “triumphant” according to the Urban Dictionary.
    However I will be victorious, because I will never surrender and never instalock the god LOKI.
    Actually, Im short on gems and need to be victorious if I want the nike bundle.

  93. Profile photo of Flaco


    I am the guy who trows himself before an almost dead comrade. I try not to be selfish and keep thinking about the team as one. Not as individuals who need to get the most kills.

  94. Profile photo of Erlend Fersel

    I’ll be victorious because of TEAMWORK….TEAMWORK….TEAMWORK + this bundle isnt free with twitch prime so i really love to get it.

  95. Profile photo of Marc-André Boucher

    I’ll be victorious in this adventure because I’m wearing Nike shoes when playing Smite ;oP

  96. Profile photo of William Murphy

    Hey guys!

    Entries are closed. We will send out winners on or before Monday!

  97. Profile photo of William Murphy

    All winners have been contacted! Check your PMs!

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