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Re:Legend hits Kickstarter, almost completely funds in the first day

Whoa. It’s always nice when an actual, working game hits crowd funding.  That’s the case with Magnus Games’ Re:Legend today. Re:Legend follows in the footsteps of games like Rune Factory, Slime Rancher, Harvest Moon, and other such games – with a nice slice of Pokemon and Digimon. Primarily, Re:Legend is a monster raising JRPG, but it’s also a persistent online 1-4 pl...[Read More]

Solstice Chronicles: MIA is DOOM Lite with a Top-Down View

Solstice Chronicles: MIA is an Indie gem that any fan of top-down shooters should look into.  From the 6-man core team at Ironward, it was funded on Fig for a mere $30,000 with 512 backers. That says, “Oh, this’ll be an Indie game.” But beyond the small team and modest budget, Solstice Chronicles looks and plays better than most AAA productions. It’s not going to compete wi...[Read More]

Overcooked Special Edition lands on Switch eShop July 27th

Boom. The cooking, co-op RPG runaway hit Overcooked is coming to the Switch in just three days as a special edition. We learned via press release this morning that the action/party/co-op/pvp/cooking game is due out on Nintendo’s console in just a couple more days. Take a look at the press release details below. About Overcooked: The Onion Kingdom is in danger and only the finest cooking can ...[Read More]

Sine Mora EX Coming to Switch this Summer

Sure, it’s coming to the PS4, PC, and XB1 on August 8th, but the real news here (as I’m a switch Fanboy) is that Sine Mora EX is coming to the new Nintendo console as well, a bit later than its powerhouse brethren. From the press announcement: Prepare for bullet-hell! Sine Mora EX, the extended version of the critically acclaimed original Sine Mora, will be out on PC, Xbox One and Play...[Read More]

Shelob is a sexy spider lady in new Mordor: Shadow of War trailer

If you’re like me, you know your Lord of the Rings. You’re no Tolkien Scholar, but the books hold a seriously close piece of your heart. But even stalwart fans like me can let go and have fun with the IP if I know something is not canon. Enter Monolith’s Mordor series of videogames, and the upcoming Shadow of War.  Also enter Shelob, who has gone from giant spider that almost kil...[Read More]

Call of Duty WWII’s Nazi Zombies Trailer is AWESOME

I… I’m speechless. Call of Duty WWII is looking epic, and now so is its Nazi Zombies mode. Check it out. You can pre-order and get into the beta on PS4 here.  This looks legitimately like it could be its own game. Yes, please. About CoD: WWII Nazi Zombies Sledgehammer Games delivers an original and terrifying new co-op survival experience in Call of Duty®: WWII Nazi Zombies. Players wi...[Read More]

PWND Rockets into Early Access – Just LOOK at it.

Though they just released Archangel on PSVR yesterday, Skydance Interactive is already at it again, launching PWND, a rocket-launching FPS into Early Access on Steam today. Check out the trailer, and the Steam page. What is PWND? PWND takes place in a dystopian future where the excesses of 1980s culture still influence society. Decades of reliving the “decade of excess” resulted in an arms race of...[Read More]

Rebellion shows off Rogue Trooper Redux’s graphical upgrades

Today Rebellion is showing off the new look for the upcoming remake of classic 2006 shooter Rogue Trooper Redux. The Sniper Elite developer has gone to great lengths to bring this one up to 2017 graphical standards. Take a look at the trailer, and read about the changes below ahead of its October 17th launch. From the Press Release: Independent UK developer and publisher Rebellion today released a...[Read More]

Krypt Crawler out today on Oculus Rift and Gear VR

Head Up games sent word today that their first person dungeon crawler Krypt Crawler is now out for Oculus Rift and Gear VR. Check out the trailer and read up on the game’s features below. About Krypt Crawler: Krypt Crawler brings classic first person, grid based Dungeon Crawler gameplay to Virtual Reality. Descend into the unknown and explore the perilous depth of the sinister tombs and cryp...[Read More]

Retro City Rampage DX landing on Switch as early as next week!

That’s right. Not only are we getting Shakedown Hawaii in the coming months, but VBlank had a surprise announcement yesterday that Retro City Rampage DX is coming to the Switch EShop as early as next week. From the announcement: Like each port before it, it contains little tweaks that polish the game even further (I just can’t help myself!). From little things like the slightly more st...[Read More]

Absolver Pre-Orders go live, GET HYPE.

Sloclap, developer of  Absolver, and Devolver Digital today announced the pre-order details for their upcoming online brawler. It’s a sort-of-MMO where players all fighting against each other Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee/Chun Li style in search of epic items and power. From the release: Devolver Digital and the indie developers, Sloclap, behind this Summer’s most highly anticipated online melee gam...[Read More]

Our Destiny 2 Beta Impressions

Last night was our first step into Destiny 2 beta. The beta launched and players logged in from all over to experience the earliest taste of gameplay. In terms of mechanics and design things are stable for players who are coming over from the original. Everyone will pick up the controls quickly and feel comfortable in the combat. This is our first step, where the game really shines is in the early...[Read More]

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