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A gamer to the bone almost as long as I've been alive, putting my passion for gaming to use through my writing.



The Crow’s Eye Review


I’m just going to put this out in the open. The Crow’s Eye has had teasers over the last few years that really seemed to be building towards what I was hoping to be the next big thing for the horror genre. Something that’d finally knock Amnesia: The Dark Descent off of the throne in the eyes of horror fans at large. The final product, after such promising teasers is… well, ...[Read More]



88 Heroes Review

8/8/1988, 0808hrs, Dr H8 makes contact with the governments of the world with a single demand. $88 Octillion Dollars in 88 minutes, or he will annihilate the world. I can only presume he intends to blow it in an equal amount to his demand, 88 octillion pieces of debris hurling through space. Considering that’s an amount of money greater than any that has ever existed in reality or in fiction...[Read More]

Wii U We Hardly Knew You – A Retrospective on Nintendo’s Underappreciated Console

Despite being one of Nintendo’s harshest critics in recent years, I can also say without flinching that I’m also one of Nintendo’s biggest fans. When I turned four years old, my very first videogame console was given to me by my grandmother and helped set me on the path of the man I am today. I remember my eyes lighting up the first time I played Super Mario Bros. on the NES all ...[Read More]



Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey Review

My initial thoughts on Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey lay entirely focused on that obnoxiously long title. Why? Just why? Developers out there take note, do not make your game something with a name that long. First impressions are key, and that includes title presentations. This is our Atelier Firis review. Getting passed that, I loaded up the game for the first time. A no...[Read More]

Our Hellion One Hour Review of Early Access

I’m not a person that suffers from anxiety chronically. I can usually be looked upon as a calm and collected person. So the first time I played Hellion, and was promptly sucked out of an airlock and into the void of space, with no way to save myself as I drifted further and further away until my oxygen ran out, I can admit to having a small panic attack. About twenty minutes of just trying t...[Read More]



We Are The Dwarves Review

You think of dwarves, you think of The Hobbit. You think of the Warcraft universe. You probably even at least gloss over Snow White. What you certainly don’t imagine, is a trio of our stout friends in space, armored up more like space marines rather than chainmail wearing heavy-drinkers we’re used to. This is our We Are the Dwarves review. We Are The Dwarves essentially looks at the mo...[Read More]

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