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Fighting Fantasy Legends Launches – It’s Time to Choose Your Adventure

It’s time to choose your own adventure, traveler! Today marks a big day with the launch of Fighting Fantasy Legends for PC and mobile devices. Fans who fondly remember the iconic novels will be able to check out the game starting today. Fighting Fantasy Legends Nomad Games worked closely with the series authors, Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, co-founders of Games Workshop. The two have b...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch Sold Another 2 Million Copies

Nintendo published its quarterly earnings statement for investors, and it seems the company is doing great. The document states that Nintendo sold another 2 million copies of Switch, bringing it to 4.7 million sold units mark. The company does not intend to stop, however, and plans to sell at least 10 Million copies through the first year of the console’s existence. The quarterly earnings st...[Read More]

Elder Scrolls Legends is Calling You to Battle – Answer the Phone!

Elder Scrolls Legends is calling all warriors to battle. Will you answer? The mobile TCG has now landed on both Google Play and the App Store. Elder Scrolls Legends The mobile game is a trading card title that brings the popular series’ lore to life in a new way. Players will find many of the well-known characters and locations from the RPGs as well as enough twists and turns to suit and lor...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World – Weapon Overview Videos Presented

Capcom has uploaded 14 new videos, dedicated to the upcoming action RPG Monster Hunter World. Take a closer look at the weapon overview from the developers down below. Each type of equipment has its own effect. In the weapon overview, you can check out the following weapons: Sword & Shield – balanced, mobile & great for beginners. Hunters can continue to use other items even with dra...[Read More]

Warhammer Quest 2 Gameplay Shown in First Trailer

A lot of fans are excited about Perchang’s Warhammer Quest 2 The End Times. The game will be released on mobile devices later this year. However, the team wants to make sure people are hyped. To do that, they’ve released a new trailer that features epic music and game play action. Warhammer Quest 2 The game takes place far in the future from the events of Warhammer Quest 1. The Old Wor...[Read More]

Re:Legend hits Kickstarter, almost completely funds in the first day

Whoa. It’s always nice when an actual, working game hits crowd funding.  That’s the case with Magnus Games’ Re:Legend today. Re:Legend follows in the footsteps of games like Rune Factory, Slime Rancher, Harvest Moon, and other such games – with a nice slice of Pokemon and Digimon. Primarily, Re:Legend is a monster raising JRPG, but it’s also a persistent online 1-4 pl...[Read More]

Solstice Chronicles: MIA is DOOM Lite with a Top-Down View

Solstice Chronicles: MIA is an Indie gem that any fan of top-down shooters should look into.  From the 6-man core team at Ironward, it was funded on Fig for a mere $30,000 with 512 backers. That says, “Oh, this’ll be an Indie game.” But beyond the small team and modest budget, Solstice Chronicles looks and plays better than most AAA productions. It’s not going to compete wi...[Read More]

Halo Wars 2 Rolls Out Serina & Operation Spearbreaker Today

Halo Wars 2 Gets Updated With DLCs Serina and Operation: Spearbreaker Today Halo Wars 2 Xbox blog has been updated with a new post dedicated to the double DLC drop happening today. Players can look forward to two new story missions in Operation: Spearbreaker as well as a new faction leader, AI Serina from the DLC of the same name. Both Serina and the Operation: SPEARBREAKER story missions are avai...[Read More]

Front Defense VR Review

Before stepping into the world of VR, I thought I’d had some intense video game experiences. Somewhere between scrambling across the floor to grab a fresh clip for my rifle, hopping behind the mounted LMG, and grasping for the helmet that had been shot right off my head, I realized how wrong I was. Front Defense is easily the most intense video game I’ve ever played and I have the sore knees to pr...[Read More]

Our Early Access Review of Iron Tides

Iron Tides is a turn based, survival game with rogue-like elements. Oh and VIKINGS! Developed by Indie dev team CrashWave Games Inc. Iron Tides was kickstarted back in November 2016 and had reached its goal by over 72%. Iron Tides is currently available on Steam for Early Access with a 15% early access price tag. As of its current early access release, it has 100+ unique battlefields with 8 to 15 ...[Read More]

Fate/Extella Launches for Nintendo Switch & PC

PC and Nintendo Switch players can now start on their journey through Fate/Extella. Switch players can also strut their stuff in any one of 30 different costumes. Nothing says style like the “Unshackled Bride” look, right? The Switch version is available via Nintendo eShop and at retail stores for $59.99. The Windows PC version is available via Steam as a standalone digital release for...[Read More]

Dying Light Gets First of Ten DLC in Content Drop #0

Techland is using its new “Gemly” platform to release the first DLC for Dying Light. As part of the game’s success, players will receive ten DLC over the coming year, all for free. Dying Light & DLC Over the course of the next year, players will enjoy ten free DLC drops. This first one is called Content Drop #0 and is currently available for PC. Console players will see the D...[Read More]

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