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Far Cry 5 release date and story details revealed

Well, they promised a big reveal, and we’ve got it here. Far Cry 5 release date and story details were revealed this AM through a press release from Ubisoft. The Montana-based open world game is launching on February 27th, 2018. It’ll be out on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. PS4 owners will get free content with the purchase of the game, while XB1 and PC owners will be able to purchase it ...[Read More]

Rockstar Games Shows Off First Screenshots & Info About GTA Online: Gunrunning Content Expansion

Rockstar Games shared the first information and screenshots about upcoming content expansion for GTA Online. Called Gunrunning, it will tackle Southern San Andreas’ illegal weapon trafficking in June.  There will be more details about specific business and research opportunities, details on Mobile Operation Centers with new weapon upgrades, deep customization, weaponized vehicles and much mo...[Read More]

Steampunk RPG Acaratus Now Available In Steam

Nodbrim Interactive sent out a word that their Medieval Steampunk turn-based RPG Acaratus is now out in Steam. The game features a deep tactical combat system with customizable battle suits. Players can also expect to find elaborate item and unit customization, PvP battle as well as a rich narrative story. All together it mixes into a unique medieval steampunk setting that will challenge players. ...[Read More]

New Titanfall 2 Trailer Shows Off Monarch

Titanfall 2 – Monarch’s Reign Gameplay Trailer Respawn Entertainment has shared a new trailer for Titalfall 2 latest DLC, The Monarch’s Reign. It highlights a new Titan, Monarch. It is the fruit of the IMC’s attempt to reverse-engineer Vanguard-class Titan. Her focus centers on flexibility and support. The video shows her in action against Marines as well as other Titans. M...[Read More]

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – From The Gallows Season Finale

The Season Finale for The Walking Dead: A New Frontier is rapidly approaching. Players will be able to find out what fate awaits their favorite characters when the episode “From The Gallows” hits on May 30th.  Telltale Games released a new trailer to show off just how the aggravating the in-game situation is. You can check it out above! What is The Walking Dead – A New Frontier about? ...[Read More]

Nintendo Unleashes a Large Ban Wave At Users Of Hacked 3DS

This week Nintendo unleashed a large ban wave that permanently knocks the 3DS into offline mode oriented at users of hacked game systems. That includes people who downloaded software that allowed usage of emulations, dump game cartridges, pirated games and more. Forums like GBA Temp, Reddit as well as 4chan are on fire with users actively discussing why their systems were banned. According to thei...[Read More]

Poker Central is raising the stakes in Super High Roller Bowl 2017

Poker Central, the Amazon Appstore, and Zynga are teaming up for a massive buy-in at $300,000 for the Super High Roller Bowl 2017. Zynga’s coming off the heels of the successful Charity Shootout last year, and Amazon of course wants to keep dipping their toes into these sorts of sponsorships. Even Kevin Hart is getting in on the action, as he competes for the top prize of 6 mln dollars. From...[Read More]

Monster Hunter XX is coming to the Nintendo Switch

Capcom has announced that Monster Hunter XX is indeed coming to the Nintendo Switch. Whether or not it comes State-side is another story, but since most MH games tend to do so, the chances are pretty good!  More details about this version of the game will be shared at the Monster Hunter Championship 2017 on Saturday in Japan which is expected to include a Japanese release date for the game. And af...[Read More]

Vanquish Sci-Fi Shooter Unleashed on Steam Alongside New Developer Vlog

SEGA has released Vanquish on Steam. The game is a science fiction action shooter from Platinum Games. Vanquish on Steam brings a host of goodies The Steam version of the game brings a ton of awesome things to players including an unlocked framerate as well as resolutions up to 4K. Players control Sam Gideon, a DARPA agent armed with the Augmented Reaction Suit. If the player takes too much damage...[Read More]

Adventure Time & Minecraft Mixing It Up in New Mashup Pack

Minecraft and Adventure Time will be mixing it up soon when a new mashup pack is released. There will be themed blocks, special music, skins and much more. In addition, players will be able play as Finn as well as a number of other characters. Minecraft – Adventure Time Mashup Pack Join Finn the human and Jake the dog in a Minecraft world like no other. Protect the candy citizens of Ooo from...[Read More]

Magikarp Stars in Its Own Game Beginning Today

There’s a new Pokemon game in town that stars none other than Magikarp. Set to launch later today, the game sends everyone’s favorite floppy fish on a big jumping adventure. Magikarp Jump & other Pokemon You don’t have to worry that you won’t see other Pokemon. According to Eurogamer, within just a few minutes playing, more than a few made appearances including Pikachu....[Read More]

Quake Champions – Bethesda Introduces Sorlag

Bethesda has updated Quake Champions site with the spotlight of a new champion. The description of Sorlag states that she is a “Huntress seeking vindication”. Sorlag – Sorg Flesh-Trader She was born with a single purpose to hunt the warmbloods. Even in the Dreamlands, she continues to hone her skills: tracking her opponents in arenas as well as slaughtering them without mercy. Sh...[Read More]

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