Terminator 2 Scenes Recreated Within GTA 5

Kramers Media has done something utterly cool. The talented Russian group has made an hour-long film honoring Terminator 2 and it was all done inside Grand Theft Auto 5. Terminator 2 & GTA 5 The video is not the whole movie, of course, but it features some of the best-known scenes. You can think of it as a “greatest hits” version of Terminator 2. You’ll see scenes such as GTA...[Read More]

Angry Birds Movie 2 Confirmed for 2019, 10 Years After the First Game

Rovio Entertainment has announced that The Angry Birds Movie 2 will be screaming into theaters in 2019. The movie will arrive just in time for the game’s tenth anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, isn’t it? I’m very excited to announce #AngryBirdsMovie2 & our awesome team led by @littlethurop & John Rice! Sept. 20, 2019[Read More]

Nintendo Japan Sells Empty Splatoon 2 Switch Boxes

Nintendo Japan Sells Splatoon 2 Decorated Switch Boxes Nintendo Japan site has been updated with Splatoon 2 decorated Switch boxes for sale. It costs about $5.  Back in 2012 Michael Pachter made a snarky remark about Nintendo fans buying any box that says Nintendo on it – and detailed / apologized his point of view shortly after: I don’t think Nintendo fans are so stupid they would buy...[Read More]

LEGO Tempest Is Ready To Take You To Andromeda

Lego Tempest Ready To Explore Andromeda Flickr user by the name of Sebastian Brückner made an impressive mini-copy of Mass Effect Andromeda’s Tempest from Lego pieces. His work really impressed Bioware and the studio shared his work via Twitter. After 1603 pieces and plenty of patience, Sebastian B. built this incredible Tempest replica: — B...[Read More]

Super Mario Figures Arrive in McDonald’s Happy Meals

Super Mario figures are now part of McDonald’s Happy Meals. This should please fans and collectors alike. The special figures will be available from now through May 22nd. “Nintendo is always looking for ways to expand its brand, and a partnership with the family-friendly McDonald’s restaurants felt like a great fit,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and ...[Read More]

Gamer Politicians Part 2 – Swedish Parliament Member & Hearthstone

Gamer politicians are a things these days. Last week, we reported about a Korean presidential candidate who makes Starcraft maps. This week, it’s a Swedish parliament member who streams Hearthstone. Swedish Gamer Politician Rickard Nordin is a Swedish politician with a great love of HearthStone. He loves it so much, in fact, that he wants to see Sweden embrace the idea. Nordin feels that e-s...[Read More]

Presidential Candidate Makes Maps For StarCraft

Democratic Presidential Candidate Moon Jae-in Makes StarCraft Maps Moon Jae-in, a presidential candidate from democratic party of South Korea, updated his official blog with a new video. It highlights a map for original StarCraft he created. Additionally, in the center of the map players can see minerals forming letter 1, meaning “Moon Jae-in is number one”. Patch 1.18 made original ga...[Read More]

Pokemon Sun & Moon Animated Series Coming to Disney XD in May

Pokemon Sun & Moon is coming to Disney XD in May! The official Twitter revealed the start date for the animated series as May 12th! Head to Alola with Ash and friends starting May 12! Catch #Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon on Disney XD, US Trainers: — Pokémon (@Pokemon) April 17, 2017 Wait…Pokemon Sun & Moon on…Disney XD? Af...[Read More]

The Force of The Last Jedi Trailer is Strong & Makes the Waiting So Much Harder

The Force is strong in the new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The view it provides is breathtaking and includes snippets of action that make the thought of waiting until December that much harder. The Force is balance…but at what cost? Luke Skywalker speaks at the end of the trailer saying that “the Jedi must end…” but what it means remains a mystery. Does this spell...[Read More]

Princess Leia, Ahsoka Tano, Rey And More Heroes To Be Featured In Star Wars Forces of Destiny

Disney and Lucasfilm announced a new initiative in Star Wars universe. Forces of Destiny will celebrate the inspiring stories of many iconic heroes from a galaxy far, far away. Star Wars Forces of Desnity will launch on YouTube in July as a series of animated shorts. A two-part TV special with eight additional shorts will follow on Disney Channel in fall. Star Wars – Forces of Destiny will r...[Read More]

Jeff Goldblum rules in Thor Ragnarok Teaser Trailer

Well, that escalated quickly. Thor Ragnarok is looking quite simply like the best of Thor’s first three movies by far. If only because it has Hulk in gladiator armor, and Jeff Goldblum looking like a 1980s sci fi god. Marvel’s got it right this time. What is Thor Ragnarok? Well, it’s a Thor/Hulk Buddy Movie. And that makes it all that is best in life.  

Matchmaking Takes on a Whole New Meaning in HotS: MARRIAGE!

Heroes of the Storm matchmaking is used to bring players of similar skills together. However, matchmaking can also mean putting two people together who end up falling in love. HotS has indeed done it all. Just ask SadJetsFan and Venus1812. HotS matchmaking takes on new meaning The two players from different locations in the world met early last year when they were randomly paired. Having a great t...[Read More]

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