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Solstice Chronicles: MIA is DOOM Lite with a Top-Down View

Solstice Chronicles: MIA is an Indie gem that any fan of top-down shooters should look into.  From the 6-man core team at Ironward, it was funded on Fig for a mere $30,000 with 512 backers. That says, “Oh, this’ll be an Indie game.” But beyond the small team and modest budget, Solstice Chronicles looks and plays better than most AAA productions. It’s not going to compete wi...[Read More]

Front Defense VR Review

Before stepping into the world of VR, I thought I’d had some intense video game experiences. Somewhere between scrambling across the floor to grab a fresh clip for my rifle, hopping behind the mounted LMG, and grasping for the helmet that had been shot right off my head, I realized how wrong I was. Front Defense is easily the most intense video game I’ve ever played and I have the sore knees to pr...[Read More]

Our Early Access Review of Iron Tides

Iron Tides is a turn based, survival game with rogue-like elements. Oh and VIKINGS! Developed by Indie dev team CrashWave Games Inc. Iron Tides was kickstarted back in November 2016 and had reached its goal by over 72%. Iron Tides is currently available on Steam for Early Access with a 15% early access price tag. As of its current early access release, it has 100+ unique battlefields with 8 to 15 ...[Read More]

Our Super Cloudbuilt Review

Super Cloudbuilt begs you not to slow down. Its levels are expansive and guideless, filled with floating platforms. You’ll wall run, jet boost and Hail Mary leap across the abyss, blowing the last of your rocket fuel for just a few more inches to grab a ledge. When everything is going well, you feel like a well-oiled machine, bouncing between walls and parkouring through its dreamscapes, occasiona...[Read More]

Our Aporia: Beyond the Valley Review

When reviewing any game, it’s hard not to draw some initial comparisons to other predecessor games. Seeing Investigative North’s Aporia defined as a first-person, puzzle adventure game, coupled with some early screenshots, leads to the assumption that this one was a shoe-in for a Myst competitor, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While this storytelling, adventure game differs from Myst in that...[Read More]

Our Serial Cleaner Review

You know, as much as I would love for it to be so, writing about video games is not my day job. It’s a volunteered labor of love, and I sink my heart and soul into it. But the fact is, the things that put bread and butter on my table is the thrilling life and times of an environmental service assistance for an elderly living center. In short, a housekeeper. In even shorter terms, a cleaner. ...[Read More]

You Should Be Playing… Slime-San: Blackbird’s Kraken

According to some, the definition of insanity is to repeat the exact same process over and over again and expect different results. In gaming, it could be the genre of speed platformers… is that a thing? It should be a thing. I just made it a thing! Speed platformers are those titles that are all about completing a series of jumps, dashes and perfect timing to complete a level within a very quick ...[Read More]

Crash Force 1-Hour Review

Crash Force is made by Arscanio Entertainment and is described as an online multiplayer arena shooting game at its core with RPG and racing elements. It’s set in an alternate sci-fi universe where hovercraft families rule all. It’s made in the Unreal Engine 4 and has support for both keyboard and mouse as well as controller. After trying both, I preferred the feel of keyboard/mouse over controller...[Read More]

Antihero is a Whole New Kind of Strategy

The launch of Anithero is upon us. Built by Tim Conkling and published by the folks at Versus Evil, Antihero is probably best described as a cross between X-Com, Thief, and the Civilization games. It’s a fast turn-based strategy game where you play a thief trying to carve his or her own niche in a Victorian era underworld. You’ll recruit street urchins, hire thugs, ward off the law, an...[Read More]

Micro Machines: World Series Let This Fan Down

I wanted to love Micro Machines: World Series, so badly. I have utterly fond memories of the top down racers of the 90s, and recently fell almost in love with VooFoo Studios Mantis Burn Racing, too. But it’s the zany antics and tie-in branding of Micro Machines that made me love the genre way back when on the NES. Sadly, Codemasters’ Micro Machines: World Series doesn’t control a...[Read More]

Ripcoil is the Pong in VR, And That’s Awesome

I recently received my Oculus Rift, courtesy of Oculus PR, for the purpose of writing about and reviewing games here and over at Like any good digital storefront, the Oculus Store is having their summer sale and for a limited time, if you bought anything in the store, you’d get Ripcoil for free. I bought a racing game that I thought would be a steal, but even at $2.50, I’m ...[Read More]

Cryptark One Hour Review

Drifting through the frozen annals of the cosmos, the twisted wreckage of adventures long forgotten stand as a monument and an opportunity for the brave. These monolithic space hulks would continue to slumber except for a few privateers willing to risk life and limb for profit. Cryptark is the new procedurally generated adventure from Alientrap games, out now on PlayStation 4 and PC. Initially a S...[Read More]

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