Inner Chains is a Creepy and Scary Horror Treat

During PAX East I had the opportunity to play a demo of the horror FPS game Inner Chains. This game takes place on Earth in a future where nature and technology have merged to form a symbiotic relationship to the point where it can be difficult to tell the difference between the two. Humans on the other hand seem to have regressed to an almost medieval state. They make use of the of the technology...[Read More]

Solstice Chronicles M.I.A. – One Hour with the twin-stick shooter

Solstice Chronicles M.I.A. is a twin stick shooter that feels like playing a video arcade machine. With a fully-funded FIG campaign, the game creates a unique mix of 90s horror and uses inspiration from the classics of gaming and movies. Solstice Chronicles M.I.A offers experimentation in using different playstyles to combat the active difficulty setting called “Threat”. It’s being built on ...[Read More]

PAX East 2017 Dead by Daylight shows off the PS4 version and more

My pick (if we were making picks this year) for Game of the Show at this year’s PAX East would undoubtedly be Behaviour’s horror co-op game Dead by Daylight. The basics of the game are really quite simple, play as one of four survivors being hunted by a killer based on one of the classic archetypal killers of Hollywood. The survivors goal, a simple one survive, and activate all the gen...[Read More]

The Long Journey Home is a Fantastic Procedural Voyage

Imagine you are a space explorer but a crucial test goes awry. As a result, you get hurled through space to the far side of the galaxy, and suddenly your short trip turns into an epic journey for survival and to find a way to get back home. Welcome to The Long Journey Home, which feels a lot like the Oregon Trail in space. The Long Journey Home blends a combination of simulation, strategy, and exp...[Read More]

Decay of Logos pays homage to Zelda in the best ways

The Indie Megabooth at PAX East is the single best place on earth to find new games. Every year we walk the show floor and find something that stands out which really gets us excited. A few years ago it was Darkest Dungeon. This year, our new game to watch is Decay of Logos. The fantastic story behind this game is that a small team in Portugal is putting it together. A single player RPG, fans will...[Read More]

PAX East 2017 – Bethesda Brings Quake, Legends, and Morrowind to Boston

Bethesda Brings Quake, Legends, and Morrowind to Boston – At PAX East we got a chance to meet with the people at Bethesda to talk about some of their upcoming releases, including Morrowind for Elder Scrolls Online, their upcoming plans for the CCG Elder Scrolls Legends and a look at Quake Champions, their venture into the world of e-Sports-friendly shooters. Quake Champions Coming Along Nice...[Read More]

PAX East 2017 Little Nightmares Impressions

One of the most interesting games I had a chance to try while at PAX East is a suspense adventure game called Little Nightmares. The main character is a nine year old girl named Six who is trying to find her way out of the Maw, which is inhabited by a collection of hungry creatures who won’t hesitate to kill Six at the first chance they get. These are our PAX East 2017 Little Nightmares Impr...[Read More]

Shardbound Tactical CCG Announced – Interview with Caleb Epps

Spiritwalk Games just launched a Kickstarter campaign for its tactical collectible card game, Shardbound, and we sat down with audio director Caleb Epps to learn more about the game and the goals of the campaign.  Shardbound is a Tactical CCG for PC that combines board-based tactical gameplay with the depth of content found in collectible card games. The core of the game is a competitive 1v1 PvP e...[Read More]

Day of Infamy Early Access Preview

The Day of Infamy Early Access version is now available through Steam. Players can choose out of 3 factions and 9 classes with different skills. Their team will be fighting in Western and Southern Europe during World War II. Why Early Access? We see the game as a work in progress, and believe based on our experience developing Insurgency alongside its community that early access provides a great o...[Read More]

Wildlands – Beta Thoughts on the Latest Ghost Recon

Ghost Recon Wildlands is the latest AAA release from Ubisoft. No one should need to hold a gun to your head to get you to play the open world shooter either. The next big AAA release (due out on March 7th) is like what would happen if Tom Clancy’s The Division and Just Cause 3 had a baby. And yes, that’s a good thing if you like your open world shooters tinged with RPG elements and opt...[Read More]

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