Beholder Says Checkmate in Dungeon Chess, a D&D VR Game

If you love beholders and Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll love hearing about Dungeon Chess. The game is Wizards of the Coast’s first virtual reality title heading out the gate on March 28th. So grab your Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear and get ready to duke it out with iconic baddies. Dungeon Chess? D&D VR? AWESOME! Experiment 7 is the developer behind the game that is going to bring dr...[Read More]

Cards Against Humanity Adds Mass Effect Themed Card Pack

Bioware and Cards Against Humanity team have joined forces to bring forth a new pack. Artists drafted over 700 cards, but only 14 of them have made it through. The pack centers on cross-species… interactions, fitting with Bioware’s latest line of MEA marketing. Cards Against Humanity meets Mass Effect Trin Garritano, director of events, emotions and various promotions, noted: Whenever ...[Read More]

Raised By A Nintendo – Tim Eisenzimmer’s Life as a Gamer

I’ve joked that I was raised by a Nintendo I built myself. It’s a half joke. My family didn’t have a ton of money but somehow, we had a Nintendo. Maybe the latter explains the former! Later I was able to Voltron together a few consoles that people had tossed out. As a result, from an early age I always had a console, sometimes new sometimes salvaged. I have many fond memories of Friday night trips...[Read More]

Amazon Chime Ready To Hit The Market

Amazon Web Services announced the launch of their voice and video calls service, Amazon Chime. It might be a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Skype & Google’s Hangouts services which serve similar purposes. Some details about Amazon Chime: The service will be available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. Users will be able to choose between free edition, Plus Edition ($2.50 ...[Read More]

Disney Dumps Pewdiepie for Anti-Semitic Slur

YouTube sensation Pewdiepie has been dumped by Disney. The severing of ties came after a now-removed video featured an anti-Semitic slur. He allegedly paid men to hold up a sign that said, “Death to all Jews”. The video also contained Nazi symbols. Disney Responds to Pewdiepie Disney’s Maker Studios responded to the video by saying, “Felix has created a following by being p...[Read More]

Former WoW Gold Seller is Best Buds with Trump

World of Warcraft players know that the game has long been plagued with sales of in-game gold. It came to light in late 2016 that Trump’s campaign manager, Steve Bannon, was heavily invested in one such blight on the game. It just proves that one should always be careful where they spend their hard-earned cash Old McBannon Had a WoW Gold Farm – Ee I Ee I O In 2006, Bannon was hired by ...[Read More]

8-Bit Pale Ale Celebrates Good Old Days

Do you remember when games were small and computers were big? The 8-bit Pale Ale celebrates those amazing, simpler times in all of its bubbly glory. Place aside your energy drinks, and get a can of a true oldschool gamer’s beverage! For sharper case of nostalgy we recommend digging out your old Nintendo or Sega and engaging in a game session, complete with fitting refreshment. Oh, and don...[Read More]

Valve Developing 3 Full VR Titles

It appears that Valve is in the process of building three virtual reality titles. According to Gabe Newell, these three games are not experimental and are not designed as prototypes. All three are confirmed to be full games, not small pieces designed to show off the HTC Vive. “VR Isn’t a Gimmick” Newell opined that VR is not a gimmick by saying: “It feels like we’ve b...[Read More]

NetFlix Announces Castlevania TV Show For 2017

Geeks of all ages will be happy to hear that Castlevania is coming to NetFlix. The newly announced animated series is scheduled to be released sometime in 2017. Fear the Belmonts, bloodsuckers! The game series and presumably the show will be centered on the vampire-hunting Belmont family. This bunch is obsessed with taking the fight to Dracula himself. Players got their first taste of the series i...[Read More]

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