Graveyard Keeper – Disposable Bodies of Countless Idiots

Graveyard Keeper isn’t your typical medieval adventure RPG. While others play the hero, you get to dispose of the bodies of countless idiots. Yes, you’re in charge of maintaining the mythical cemetery of fools. Becoming a Graveyard Keeper for Fun & Profit The game is probably the first “cemetery management” title on the planet. You’ll build and manage your own gra...[Read More]

The Other 99 Updated to Include Player Requests

Action horror title The Other 99 has had its early access game updated. Devs have listened to the community to first bring new features into the game, then to address concerns. TL;DR: It’s harder to survive So what’s new in The Other 99? You’ll start off the game in a brand new starter area and find better balance along with more survival elements. Hunger and thirst are a thing a...[Read More]

Krosmaga – CCG Goodness Sharing DOFUS & WAKFU Universe

Ankama is bringing the universe of DOFUS and WAKFU to CCGs in Krosmaga. In open beta on PC since December, the game is now out for mobile devices as well. Players can adventure through single player or multiplayer on any platform as well as share progression regardless. In a World of CCGs, What Makes Krosmaga Different? You become a god within the fantasy universe with your own strengths and weakn...[Read More]

Battle Princess Madelyn – Dad’s Tribute to His Pixel Perfect Child

Little says “I love you” more than including your child in a game called Battle Princess  Madelyn. Inspired by Ghouls N’Ghosts, the game brings back the retro feel of yesterday. You’ll take off into battle in a “pixel perfect” way. Battle Princess Madelyn – A Dad’s Tribute What little girl doesn’t want to star in her own game? When the gameR...[Read More]

Blizzard Once Again Trolling Next Overwatch Character

Blizzard is once again trolling the world about the next Overwatch character. First Game Director Jeff Kaplan told us it “wouldn’t be who you expect”. Then an “interview” cropped up with 11-year-old “Efi Oladele”. Then a Tweet went out showing an “attack” on Numbani Airport with someone looking an awful lot like Doomfist. The latter has been th...[Read More]

Obduction Vive & Touch Versions Get Release Date

Cyan Inc. has sent out a newsletter. In the the company shares exciting news of Vive & Touch versions of Myst successor receiving release date. Mark your calendars for March 22nd. That’s when Obduction will become available on HTC Vive and Touch for Oculus Rift. It will be available througgh GOG, Steam, Humble Store and Oculus store. Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan, spoke about Obduction: We ha...[Read More]

2Dark – Infiltrate Gloomywood’s Bastions of Corruption

2Dark is the new game from the creator of Alone in the Dark. Players work to save children who disappear from Gloomywood. They must venture into the ‘dark heart of corruption’ to save them or die. Save the Children in 2Dark The game challenges players to survive and also to bring home the children alive. This beautiful town is cursed. Your job is to find the truth, uncover secrets and ...[Read More]

The Last Night Devs Partner Up With Raw Fury

Odd Tales sent out a quick a word about their partnership with Raw Fury. Studios will be joining forces to bring forth The Last Night. Developers strive to lead the next generation of 2D pixel art. Hopefully, their partnership with Raw Fury will help them in this goal. The game will be released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. What is The Last Night? Events of the game happen in cyberpunk 2D open world. ...[Read More]

Ao Oni 2 – An Abandoned School Nightmare

Fans of survival horror games will definitely want to check out Ao Oni 2. Japanese gamers have been scared silly since December of last year. Long ago, a certain school in the outskirts of town was suddenly closed. No one knows the reason why it was suddenly closed but there was a certain rumor going around. They said that a blue monster appeared in that abandoned school building What is Ao Oni 2?...[Read More]

Steep Shows Off A New Trailer For Free Alaska Update

Ubisoft has posted a brand video dedicated to Steep. It shows off a new open world region of the game, Alaska. The video shows off amazing snow reaches of the region as well as impressive stunts performed by player characters. Owners of PS4, PC or Xbox One can try the update for themselves. Onto steep mountains of Alaska Steep gives players a chance to grab skis, snowboard, wingsuit or paraglider ...[Read More]

Super Cloudbuilt – Sharp Shootin’ Free Runnin’ Action for Consoles

PC fans have been able to play Super Cloudbuilt since 2014 and soon consolers will be able to as well. Coilworks and Double Eleven have teamed up to rework the game from the ground up to include depth and variety. Call it The Definitive Edition. Super Cloudbuilt Makes You a Movin’ Shootin’ Phenom When you take on Super Cloudbuilt, you become Demi, a soldier in a new world. You take her...[Read More]

Skylanders Mobile RPG Coming From Activision And Com2us

Activision Games Blog received an exciting update. It tells about the company and Com2us joining forces to create a new project. Com2us previously developed Summoners War mobile RPG. The team will use its experience in the field to create new mobile Skylanders role-playing game. Mobile Skylanders from Com2us: Josh Taub, senior vice president of Skylanders Product Management, noted: We are excited ...[Read More]

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