Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Review

When I first heard about Games Farm’s Vikings: Wolves of Midgard and that it was an action RPG, I think my inner Norsewoman’s heart skipped more than a few beats. What’s not to like about an ARPG with a Viking theme, am I right? This is our Vikings Wolves of Midgard review. Well, turns out there are a number of things not to like, most notably that it’s “just another ARPG” with nothing other than ...[Read More]

Wildlands Patch Touches on All Areas, Weights 3Gb

A new Ghost Recon Wildlands patch is arriving today that addresses nearly all areas of the game. The patch will weigh in at 3Gb for consoles and 5Gb for PC. Ghost Recon Wildlands Patch Highlights The patch addresses a number of issues across all features including a number of “quality of life” updates. After the patch, you can turn off the radio, more easily choose what vehicle you wan...[Read More]

RiftStar Raiders – See a Dozen Minutes of Action in New Video

RiftStar Raiders is the star of a new video put out by Climax Studios. Ships clash in space with flying lasers, big explosions in fast multiplayer action. But what is RiftStar Raiders? Players work through the game during coop missions to shoot and loot the enemy. There are nine total missions that can give out special loot including things needed for crafting. Creating unique and powerful items i...[Read More]

Dragon Quest Heroes II PlayStation 4 and PC Preorders Begin

Preorders for Dragon Quest Heroes II have officially started. It is time to start counting your pennies as the PC and PlayStation price is $59.99. The price includes fifteen in-game bonus weapons so it’s not all bad. Dragon Quest Heroes II Explorer’s Edition The game takes place in a brand new world with new heroes and an all-new story. As an ARPG, battles are fast-paced and epic. Each...[Read More]

Dragon Quest Heroes II Launching April 25th

Square Enix has thrilled millions of fans with today’s Dragon Quest Heroes II announcement. Players will be able to get hands on the title via Steam and PlayStation 4 in April. The PC Steam version will launch on April 25th while the PS4 version will be released on April 28th. Dragon Quest Heroes II Includes Multiplayer You can travel across the game world to meet new and interesting charact...[Read More]

Mutant Football League Lands in the Endzone – See It at GDC

If you remember 1993’s Mutant League Football, you’ll be happy to hear that Mutant Football League is coming soon! You could say that MFL is the “spiritual successor” to the Sega Genesis classic. Digital Dreams is preparing the game for October 2017 and you’ll be able to back the game through KickStarter. You can be part of the effort to raise $85,000 to get the game ...[Read More]

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