Ruiner – Blow Through 2091’s Darkest Alleyways with Guns Blazing

The PlayStation blog has been updated with a new post to introduce the world to Ruiner. Players can look for the PS4 shooter later in summer 2017. The description is hard to beat. “We will drag you through the darkest, shadiest, deadliest corners of Rengkok City.” Your brother comes along with you to visit “Heaven’s corporate interiors” as well as the city’s low...[Read More]

Dead Rising 4 Looms for Steam PC

Zombies and ghouls shake with fear at today’s announcement that Dead Rising 4 is now confirmed for Steam PC. Players will be able to stop the zombie apocalypse starting March 14th when it becomes available on Steam. Dead Rising 4 Welcomes You to Colorado Nothing says “have a good time” more than a vacation to a zombie infestation taking place in beautiful Colorado. You will take ...[Read More]

Dragon Quest Heroes II Launching April 25th

Square Enix has thrilled millions of fans with today’s Dragon Quest Heroes II announcement. Players will be able to get hands on the title via Steam and PlayStation 4 in April. The PC Steam version will launch on April 25th while the PS4 version will be released on April 28th. Dragon Quest Heroes II Includes Multiplayer You can travel across the game world to meet new and interesting charact...[Read More]

Mutant Football League Lands in the Endzone – See It at GDC

If you remember 1993’s Mutant League Football, you’ll be happy to hear that Mutant Football League is coming soon! You could say that MFL is the “spiritual successor” to the Sega Genesis classic. Digital Dreams is preparing the game for October 2017 and you’ll be able to back the game through KickStarter. You can be part of the effort to raise $85,000 to get the game ...[Read More]

Starship Assassin Open Beta Blasting Off Soon

Starship Assassin is an old-school arena shooter and it seems like it will be blasting off for open beta. In fact, solo developer Dave Sullivan has announced that OBT will start on March 3rd! What is Starship Assassin? Glad You Asked Players will be able to take part in this sci-fi themed muliplayer arena with friends as well as take part in themed battles. For example, fights take place in low gr...[Read More]

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