Mionee Solos +19 Court of Stars in World of Warcraft

Mionee Soloes Court of Stars + 19 (Bursting, Skittish, Tyrannical) When there is not enough challenge in the game, the players go out of their way to ...[Read More]

Sega Releases Yakuza Kiwami Gameplay Trailer

Sega has published a brand new gameplay trailer for upcoming PlayStation 4 title Yakuza Kiwami by Yakuza Studio. The video shows off a variety of figh...[Read More]

Abandon Ship Trailer Proves Privateers Aren’t the Only Worry

In Abandon Ship, players will face off against other pirate-types, but that’s not all. Every captain will have to keep a sharp eye out for sea m...[Read More]

Hob Gameplay Shines in Uber-Gorgeous New Trailer

Hob is the upcoming adventure game from Runic Studios. It combines platforming with adventure with RPG with fighting all set in a beautiful game world...[Read More]

Jedah & Gamora Headed to Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite for Launch

During Evo this past weekend, Capcom thrilled a lot of players. The company announced that Jedah & Gamora are headed into Marvel vs Capcom: Infini...[Read More]

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen – The Lost and Abandoned Gameplay

In the latest gameplay footage for XCOM 2’s massive War of the Chosen expansion, Firaxis is showing off a brand new mission – Lost and Aba...[Read More]

High Elves Lay the Smackdown in Newest Total War: Warhammer II Video

High Elves are the stars of the latest Total War: Warhammer II video and they’re not taking any prisoners.┬áThese fearsome warriors can hit at a ...[Read More]

Nemesis Forge Allows You to Bring Your Arch Enemy to Middle-Earth Shadow of War

Fans are looking forward to October’s release of Middle-Earth Shadow of War. But no one wants to bid their old friends goodbye. Luckily, Warner ...[Read More]

Micro-RPG The Swords of Ditto Explored in Extended Gameplay Video

Players looking for a quick, satisfying RPG will want to look no further than The Swords of Ditto. Developers call it a micro-RPG that will last about...[Read More]

Krosmaga Receives Its First Expansion – Necros & Paladirs

Necros & Paladirs – First Krosmaga Expansion Ankama sent out a word about the first expansion coming for their online card game Krosmaga. Ca...[Read More]

Setsuna Clan Embodies Crossover Action Heroes from Warriors All-Stars

The Setsuna Clan is the star of the newest video for Warriors All-Stars. The video reveals the members of the clan, all of whom come from a variety of...[Read More]

Arizona Sunshine for PS4 VR Launches Today – Getting Up Close & Personal

PlayStation 4 players will be able to get up close and personal with zombies once Arizona Sunshine arrives. Developers are celebrating today’s l...[Read More]

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