Surf World Trailer Makes You Want to Hang Ten

Surf World is an upcoming game from Climax Studios that literally invites you to hang ten. The video features devs speaking about what makes their gam...[Read More]

Metal Gear Solid Brought to Life in LEGO Worlds

Metal Gear Solid in…LEGO Worlds? You’d better believe it. After all, LW is all about letting the creative minds of its players go. Players...[Read More]

Persona 5’s Epic Take Your Heart edition unboxed

For $90, that’s a lot of swag… the Persona 5 Take Your Heart Edition is pretty much top of the pops if you’re a Persona fanboy or gi...[Read More]

Burial Chamber Arena – A Grim Reminder of Death in Quake Champions

The Burial Chamber Arena is the latest Quake Champions location to be shown in a new video. Bethesda reminds players that the Grim Reaper stalks its h...[Read More]

Sacred Fire – Where Your Heart Hides the REAL Monsters

Poetic Studios is ready to introduce Sacred Fire game play. The new video features the team talking about  its new RPG / thriller combo. Fans of The W...[Read More]

Skywind TES 3 Mod Shows Off Giant Walking BUGS

Get out the bug spray because Skywind is showing off monstrous walking lice. The Elder Scrolls III project is recreating Morrowind and with it, enormo...[Read More]

Total War: ARENA’s Second Dev Diary details the future of the battle game

Just launched today, the second episode of Total War: ARENA’s Second Dev Diary to get an in-depth look at 10-vs-10 battles and how they have been refi...[Read More]

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