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Curse of the Dead Gods Announces Dead Cells Crossover

Curse of the Dead Gods Announces Dead Cells Crossover

The developers from Passtech Games have announced a crossover event with Motion Twin and Evil Empire, allowing players of roguelike Curse of the Dead Gods to enjoy some Dead Cells content in the game....

Dead Cells

Dead Cells Fatal Falls Launching in January

Motion Twin and Evil Empire have announced that the next DLC for Dead Cells will be launching later in January. To celebrate the big news, devs released a trailer to show off gameplay changes. The Fat...

Dead Cells

Dead Cells Updated with Free New Content

Motion Twin devs have sent word that Update 21, the “Malaise Update”, has been deployed for Dead Cells for PC with the console version of the patch slated for January 2021. The free patch ...

dead cells dlc the bad seed

Dead Cells DLC Plants The Bad Seed On PC and Console

Dead Cells, the iconic pixel patterned platformer from indie devs Rogue Twin, is getting a new Bad Seed DLC update on PC, Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Sprouting on all four platforms r...

Rise Of The Giant

Dead Cells DLC Loads Onto Switch 23 May

Dead Cells, the roguelike quite like no other is about to get an update on Nintendo Switch. Rise of the Giant, the latest Dead Cells DLC, is coming to Nintendo Switch next week. Dead Cells’ developers...

Dead Cells 'Rise Of The Giant' Update Available Now

Dead Cells ‘Rise Of The Giant’ Update Available Now

The rogue-lite side scroll, Dead Cells (our Nintendo Switch review here), has a new, free update available now entitled  “Rise Of the Giant“. Rise Of The Giant is aimed at both new and exp...

Dead Cells Rise of the Giant Will Be Available March 28

Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant Will Be Available March 28

Motion Twin Studio has revealed the release date of the free DLC for Dead Cells. Called Rise of the Giant, the expansion will release on March 28th. Since we began development on Dead Cells, many year...

Upcoming Dead Cells DLC Footage Revealed

Upcoming Dead Cells DLC Footage Revealed In A Documentary Video

Red Bull Gaming channel has released a documentary dedicated to the Motion Twin studio, the creators of Dead Cells.  The developers share the early concepts of the game that was to be a “really ...

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