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Xbox Game Studios & Warner Bros. Remove Games From NVidia GeForce NOW

Xbox Game Studios & Warner Bros. Remove Games From NVidia GeForce NOW

Following Activision Blizzard removing NVidia GeForce NOW access to a number of their games, the cloud gaming platform continued to expand and grow their library of titles without incidents. However, ...


Epic Games Embraces Nvidia GeForce Now Streaming Service

The video gaming industry is changing quickly with Nvidia GeForce now giving players an opportunity to stop spending thousands of dollars on gaming rigs thanks to the NOW service. In a world full of e...

Geforce Now

The Beauty in Unleashing the Beast – NVIDIA GeForce Now

“Mac’s aren’t for gaming.” Yup. I know. I’ve heard it before and there is always a bit of a sting to hear those words. I love the Apple ecosystem for some of my creative side projects, but I also love...

NVidia Removes Activision Blizzard Games from GeForce NOW

NVidia Removes Activision Blizzard Games from GeForce NOW

GeForce NOW is NVidia’s cloud-gaming platform that recently came out of beta testing. With the successful launch already done, the next step for the platform is to increase the number of the gam...

Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Be Available on GeForce Now The Day of Release

Following Activision Blizzard pullings its games out of the cloud gaming platform GeForce Now, many players started to wonder about the fate of the popular upcoming titles, including CD Projekt RED...

geforce now rtx

GeForce Now Launches Streaming With RTX For $5

Nvidia’s top-end GPU might cost you over $1000 but now the graphics giant is loading RTX ray-tracing tech to its GeForce Now streaming service for $5 per month. Forget the top one percent of the PC ma...

Heavy Rain Now Released on PC

Heavy Rain Now Released on PC

For the first time ever Heavy Rain is available on PC via Epic Games Store. The classic title, previously only available on PlayStation consoles, is brought to PC with stunning visuals including 4K re...

Nvidia Turing RTX Deep Dive

Last week, I had written a summary of Nvidia’s Turing RTX line-up of graphics cards, including their specs, launch dates, and prices. For a high level overview of that, check out the article here. Now...

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