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Everreach: Project Eden

Sci-fi ARPG Everreach: Project Eden to launch in December

Elder Games and Headup have announced that Everreach: Project Eden will be launching for PC and Xbox One in December 2019. The announcement came via a brand new trailer that provides viewers with a lo...

Top 10 Classic ARPGs Worth Playing In 2019

Last week I offered up my top ten RPGs to play right now and some of you may have noticed none of the games in the Diablo series were on the list. Your thoughts may differ but I don’t really see...

Path of Exile: Blight league

Path of Exile: Blight brings tower defense to the acclaimed ARPG

If you love both tower defense games and action RPGs, then the news that the next Path of Exile expansion is coming on September 6th (PC) should be welcomed! You have to give Grinding Gear Games huge ...

Killsquad - Hardcore ARPG in Steam Early Access

Killsquad – Hardcore ARPG Coming to Steam Early Access

Killsquad is a hardcore action RPG done by hardcore action RPG fans, and it promises a lot of fun times for players as they scour the galaxy in chaos and make raids for whatever bounties are left. Ven...


Killsquad ARPG Coming to Early Access in July

Killsquad, the indie game from Novarma, is coming to Steam Early Access. The upcoming ARPG is due to unleash hell on 16 July. Killsquad recently caused a bit of a stir at E3, having received numerous ...


ARPG CrossCode is coming to Switch

If you love SNES era visuals mixed with smooth action RPG’s then buckle up Switch Fans, because the beloved PC title CrossCode is coming your way. It’s a beautiful mix of new and old. CrossCode ...

shadows awakening hero

Shadows: Awakening – An ARPG with Original Mechanics

Usually, in the ARPG world, you pick up a hero and get to the nitty and gritty of high-speed slaying of an overwhelming number of demons, zombies, or whatever lore-based baddie exists for the game.  S...

Airmech Wastelands

Airmech Wastelands – A fantastic spinoff ARPG

I have played AirMech, on and off, for years. I’ve seen features come and go, the UI undergo massive evolutions. I have played skirmishes and some of the single player content released for that game. ...

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