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Atari VCS

Atari VCS Available for Presale

Atari has announced that their new Home Entertainment System is available for presale exclusively on Indiegogo. Currently, two models of the Atari VCS will be up for sale, including the day one collec...

Atari VCS

Pre-Order the Atari VCS May 30th

Old becoming new is coming back in a big way with the announcement of the Atari VCS IndieGoGO campaign which Atari has chosen to bring back for retro gaming fans everywhere!  The Atari VCS will not si...


Atari Token – Gambling On…Gambling?

Taking a cue from other struggling companies like Eastman Kodak, Atari is venturing into the world of cryptocurrency. Upon the announcement, Atari saw an almost immediate jump in stock price, with sha...

Atari Audiowear

Atari Audiowear SpeakerHat Review – Great for Active Folks

When I first heard that Atari was venturing into the world of Speakerhats with their new partnership with Audiowear, I must admit, much like many of you probably did, I sort of chuckled at the whimsic...


Legendary Atari 2600 & Sega HC Consoles

If you’re a child of the 20th Century, you’ll be happy to know that two legendary consoles are making a comeback. Both the ‘New’ Atari 2600 and the Sega HD consoles are now ava...


Atari & Sega Genesis Flashback Consoles Coming Out in September

AtGames has announced the release date and pricing information for all of its retro console units. Both the Sega Genesis Flashback and the Atari Flashback consoles will be out on September 1st and 22n...


First look at the new Atari’s console… the Ataribox

Say hello to the new Atari console called the Ataribox. Via EuroGamer: In a newsletter published online, Atari revealed the sleek design for their first console in over 20 years – the Ataribox. ...

Video Games Too Big To Fail (But Still Did)

The gaming industry is flourishing more than ever but isn’t because of AAA companies like EA, Blizzard, or Bethesda. Over the years, these companies are simply manufacturing games and aren’t concerned...

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