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Atlas Reactor Season 5 Begins with New Freelancer

Trion Worlds has sent word that Atlas Reactor has been updated and that competitive Season 5 has started. The update also comes along with a new Freelancer named Vonn the Scion of Ice. Players can als...

Atlas Reactor Nev

Atlas Reactor: Kitten Kabooming into Season 3 Chapter 3!

There is a whole lot of hoopla this week as TRION WORLDS team based arena battler Atlas Reactor launches Chapter 3 with the newest Freelancer. Nev:3 – The Kitten Kaboomer New Evolutionary Varian...

Atlas Reactor Patch

Atlas Reactor Patch Notes for Today’s Update Provide Details on Chapter 2

In the latest Atlas Reactor patch notes, there is information about Chapter 2 and much more. Players can look forward to new content to explore once the patch is live. What’s inside the Atlas Re...

Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor Season 3 Kicks Off with New Freelancer & Much More

Atlas Reactor Season 3 is now underway with a ton of new content including a new Freelancer. There is so much available in the new season, that players will be kept busy for a long while. So what̵...

Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor to Get Big Update, New Freelancer, Later Today

Trion has sent word that Atlas Reactor will be getting a huge patch later today. It’s a big one that brings a lot of new features into the game as well as a new Freelancer! Atlas Reactor servers...

Atlas Rogues

Two New Freelancers Arrive in Atlas Rogues

gamigo has announced that Atlas Rogues has received a new update that includes a pair of new Freelancers to add a new dimension to the game. The update also includes a number of bug fixes and enhancem...

Atlas Rogues New Characters

Atlas Rogues Gets Two New Characters – Meet Nix and Aurora

Atlas Rogues, the new tactical twist on the Atlas universe gets a little bigger today as two new characters step into the arena and shake up combat. Available today, Nix and Aurora are the two latest ...

Atlas Rogues

Atlas Rogues Early Access Impressions

Remember the player-versus-player (PvP) turn-based game released by Trion Worlds back in October of 2016 called Atlas Reactor? Players controlled a team of four NPC freelancers. To win a match a playe...

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