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black desert mobile launches the lahn

Black Desert Mobile Launches the Lahn Class

Pearl Abyss has just confirmed that on the go MMO gamers have a new hero today as Black Desert Mobile launches the Lahn class. Black Desert Mobile, the small screen port of the hugely successful Black...

Black Desert

Black Desert Announces Its First Co-Op Dungeon

Black Desert players will soon have a new way to engage with the game thanks to the arrival of its first-ever cooperative dungeon. The MMORPG will soon be updated to bring Atoraxxion into the game tha...

Black Desert Launch The Corsair Class

Black Desert Launch The Corsair Class

Get in the sea!! Black Desert has launched the Corsair class on PC, console, and mobile. If you’re already tired of the Sage that Black Desert cast upon the world back in April 2021 and find yourself ...

sage awakening gameplay

A Sage Awakens in Black Desert Online

Fans of Pearl Abyss’ hit MMORPG are about to get some new options on the battlefield today as the Sage Awakens in Black Desert Online. Evolving the traditional caster-type class into a powerful force ...

Black Desert Online Is Free

Black Desert Online Is Free With Amazon Prime

Black Desert Online, the smash-hit MMO from Pearl Abyss, is going free for Amazon Prime Subscribers Gamers looking for a brand new challenge can jump into the recently remastered world of Black Desert...

Black Desert Mobile Constellation Banner Art

Black Desert Mobile Adds Constellations

Black Desert Mobile, the utterly gorgeous looking mobile MMORPG, has just added Constellations to its content roster. Following on from updates in Korea, Black Desert Mobile players in the west can no...

Black Desert Mobile - Archer & Fletcher Are Ready For Battle

Black Desert Mobile – Archer & Fletcher Are Ready For Battle

Pearl Abyss announced that two new classes, Archer and Fletcher, are ready to jump into the fray in MMORPG Black Desert Mobile. The patch also includes Primal Accessory update, Market Convenience feat...

black desert tier 6 pet

Black Desert Mobile Gets Tier 6 Pets In Latest Update

Black Desert Mobile, the on the go MMORPG from Pearl Abyss, kicked off the new year with an update that should find the pitter-patter of little paws with tier 6 pets now in game. Just announced, and a...

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