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Bus Simulator 18 review

Bus Simulator 18 Review

Why is this fun? Why am I sitting here, five hours into what I thought would be a “first impressions” play session, still tweaking the looks of my busses, assigning drivers, tweaking route...

7.5 Good
Microsoft Flight Simulator Italy & Malta Update

Microsoft Flight Simulator Flies Into Italy and Malta

Microsoft Flight Simulator has received its latest free content expansion with World Update IX: Italy & Malta. The new patch has been deployed for all available platforms including Xbox Series X/S...


Drug Dealer Simulator Quick-Hit Review

Movies have gone a long way to explain what the drug dealer’s life is like and how bad it can get very quickly. Shootouts, car chases, dead drops, and more have been displayed for all to see. No...

Greedfall Review PC

GreedFall Review – Bureaucracy Simulator in a Fantasy Setting

Greedfall is the latest project of Spiders, the studio behind The Technomancer, Mars: War Logs, and Bound by Flame. From the earliest gameplay and story reveals, the project was slated to be a new hei...

7.5 Good
Project Nimbus: Complete Edition

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition Review

Project Nimbus: Complete Edition has landed on Nintendo Switch. It follows the initial launch on PC and a 2018 PlayStation 4 port. Now, it is time to strap in for this mechanized Switch assault. Avail...

7 Good
Video Game Benefits

7 Types of Video Games You Should Know & Their Surprising Benefits!

Various individuals play video games for different reasons. While it is considered a good stress reliever, other people have different reasons for playing it. So, they could be viewed as either a hobb...

Good Company Shared Release Date Announcement

Good Company Shared Release Date Announcement

Developer Chasing Carrots shared exciting news: a corporate machinery simulator Good Company is leaving Early Access and embracing full release on June 21st. There will be a demo version available alo...

Play to Earn Battle Royale

Expectations For Modern Warfare 2 Are High, But A New Breed Of P2E Battle Royale Games Will Be The Last Man Standing

In games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), one hundred warriors are dropped onto an island to scavenge for equipment and weapons before a brutal fight to the death. Last man stan...

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