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Get Packed Review

Get Packed Review Is Full Of Flatpack Fun

Get packed unfolded onto Google’s Stadia service on 28 April and after a week of hard toil, we took a break to tally up the damage on this online multiplayer experience. Ditchlington is in an unfortun...

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get packed interview header

Get Packed Developer Interview Talks Cats, Cardboard boxes, and Packing Chaos

Get ready citizens of Ditchlington, it’s time to relocate and we got a chance to talk to the team behind co-op title Get Packed as the delivery van arrives later this year.on Stadia today. Getting pac...

PLus9 Games Club

Get Otaku Games With The New Plus9 Game Club

Plus 9, a brand new otaku centric game platform, just launched a new PLus9 Game Club and is full of eastern-inspired games for the weeb in all of us. Live now, and loaded with a ton of anime-inspired ...

tears of themis

Forget Your Genshin Waifus & Prepare For Tears of Themis

Today it might be best to tell Lisa you are taking a break, as miHoYo has opened pre registration for its new romance detective title, and Tears of Themis is packed with new husbandos. Coming from the...

Bandai Namco

New Humble Bundle is Packed with Bandai Namco Goodies

If you’re a fan of Bandai Namco games, the latest Humble Bundle is right up your alley. The newest bundle is available from now through June 2, 2021 and contains nearly $400 in gaming goodies in...

Red Dead Online

Get Red Dead Online Standalone & Goodies for a Bargain Price

Rockstar is enticing players to check out the Red Dead Online standalone version by offering it at a wicked low price along with a nice package of goodies. From now through February 15th, players can ...

farlight 84

Get Ready To Lock & Load Into Farlight 84

Lilith Games, the team behind AFK Area, just loaded up a trailer for their upcoming action shooter Farlight 84. If you haven’t heard of Farlight 84 don’t be entirely surprised. This brand new look int...

GTA Online

GTA Online Getting a Huge New Update Next Month

Rockstar Games has great news for fans of GTA Online. On December 15th, The Cayo Perico Heist will be added to GTAO in what developers are calling the “biggest update yet” for the game. In...

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