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Golf Story Review

Well, holy crap. Here’s one I didn’t expect. Not only is Golf Story one of the best RPGs on the Switch so far, it’s also probably one of its best sports games. Proving that mixing un...

8.5 Great

Golf Story

Golf Story is a Nintendo Switch exclusive from Sidebar Games. It centers on the story of a golfer who was forced to give up his dream.  During the game, players use skill and a well-placed tee shot to...

8.5 Great
Golf Story

Golf Story for the Switch is Tiger Woods meets Stardew Valley

Posted on Game Informer this weekend, it seems we’ll be getting a new and unique RPG from Sidebar Games. It’s a blend of RPG and golf simulation that takes a few pages from the surprise hi...


Nintendo Switch is the Fastest-Selling Console in US History

Nintendo has sent out a very proud announcement that it has become the fastest-selling console in US history. According to internal metrics, the Switch has sold over 4.8M units in the US alone in just...

Mario Tennis Ace’s Online Mode is Rally Rather Good

Mario tennis Aces is the eight entry in the Mario Tennis series and the first to appear on Nintendo’s Switch console. It follows some fairly mediocre installments, with Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash being...


Wulverblade Switch Review – If You Love Brawlers, This is a Must

It has been one heck of a year for indies on the Nintendo Switch – from multi-platform gems like Stardew Valley and Snake Pass to smaller, niche exclusives (or ‘Nindies’) like Kamiko or Golf Story. Th...

Check Out the Lineup of Switch & 3DS Games From Nintendo Direct

During today’s Nintendo Direct, the company unleashed information about a ton of games coming to both Switch and 3DS. In addition, Nintendo revealed new amiibo figures based on The Legend of Zel...

Travis Strikes Again

Travis Strikes Again – No More Heroes leads the pack of Indie Games headed to Nintendo Switch

I don’t even know where to begin. The lineup on the Switch is insane right now, and it just got cooler. Some of the biggest names in Indie games have just announced support for Nintendo’s ...

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