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moero crystal h switch

Grip Your Joycons & Get Rubbing as Moero Crystal H Rises Again On Nintendo Switch

Dungeon Crawling ‘comedy’ Moero Crystal H is back and set to explode onto Nintendo Switch on 17 September. Fans of monster girls and the tales of Zenox the “Lucky Pervert” can rejoice, Moero Crystal H...

broken joycon drift

Did Nintendo Apologise For Joycon Drift?

It looks like Nintendo might have apologised to consumers for ongoing issues with failing Joycon controllers. Anybody who owns a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite will be familiar with Joycon Drift. Even...

broken joycon drift

Nintendo Will Fix Broken Joycon Drift For Free

Rumors of Nintendo’s broken Joycon continue to circle the internet and but it seems that after acknowledging the problem exists, Nintendo is out to fix the issue. As we reported recently, the number o...

Joycon Drift

An Official Joycon Drift Statement Finally Sails Into View

It looks like Nintendo has finally started to address the ongoing furor over Joycon drift with an official statement on the ongoing controller saga. For those of you that splashed out on the Nintendo ...

joycon color

New Nintendo Joycon Colors are Coming in October

A cluster of new Joycon colors is coming to the Nintendo Switch. On 4 October, Switch Owners can accessorize their Switch with some purple and orange additions. Earlier today, Nintendo came out and an...

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Nintendo May Have Fixed Joy-Con Disconnect Issues For Switch

The latest console to join the market officially launched on March 3rd. Over the course of the first week Nintendo sold over 1.5M copies around the world. However, not everything was quite so rosy. A ...

Switch Joy-Con

Switch Joy-Con Work with PCs Too! HUZZAH!

If you’ve been dying to use your Switch Joy-Con controllers on PC, you’re in luck. YouTuber DreWoof have confirmed that they do indeed work via BluTooth connection for your computer. Switc...

Nintendo's Advice for Joy-Con Sync Issues

Nintendo’s Advice for Joy-Con Sync Issues

As many of players began working their way through Zelda: Breath of the Wild today, it became clear that one of the earliest forms of hardware trouble Nintendo’s new console would see is a disco...

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