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Frozenheim Review - Furious Fjordic Fighting

Frozenheim Review – Furious Fjordic Management

Grab an axe, jump aboard the longboat, and prepare to cut through the other clans as we take to the frozen fjords of Viking strategy, Frozenheim. Released just last month and already available on PC, ...

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Forget Micro Management Woes As New RTS Line Line War Launches

Forget Micro Management Woes As New RTS Line Line War Launches

Studio Centurion has launched Line War, an inventive new take on the traditional wartime RTS literally draws you into the action. Available now on PC, via Steam, Line War has finally launched its assa...

two point campus

Two Point Campus Is An A Grade School Sim

Public sector services might be the victim of political hand wringing the world over but Sega is set to let you do a far better job of raising the next generation of young minds as we clown around in ...

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Final Fantasy Starters Guide - How To Begin Playing Final Fantasy XIV

How To Begin Playing Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV can be a daunting proposition for new players, so Square Enix has put together their own Starter Guide Series. Released today, the Final Fantasy XIV Starter Guide Series is the perfe...

Camp Canyonwood 1

Can You Make Camp Canyonwood a Success?

Graffiti Games and Deli Interactive have announced that Camp Canyonwood is now available in Steam early access for PC. Players will have the opportunity to try to bring the camp back to its glory days...

Heroes of Might and Magic 3 The Board Game Explained Economy

Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Board Game Explained Economy

Following the blog post dedicated to the deckbuilding, Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Board game is tackling the economy. After all, to win a war, you need resources. The PC version of Heroes of Mig...

The Future of Video Games

Top 5 SaaS Security Risks and Here’s How To Fix Them

SaaS solutions are the trending services among most web-based businesses. They are easy to maintain and set up, they don’t need a lot of care to keep it running since most of the things are handled by...

GTA Online Criminal Enterprises Expansion

Next GTA Online Expansion to Launch July 26th

GTA Online players always have a lot to do in the game, but even more gaming goodness is coming when the Criminal Enterprises expansion launches on Tuesday, July 26th. As one would expect, the expansi...

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