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Into the Echo - New MMORPG Teaser Trailer

Into the Echo – New MMORPG Teaser Trailer

The developers from ETLOK Studios have announced the upcoming MMORPG Into the Echo powered up by Unreal Engine 5. The team described the game as a time-traveling odyssey and shared the official teaser...


Top 5 MMORPGs For Two Players

The acronym MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online. This is a term used to refer to games in which hundreds or thousands of players in the real world come together online to play in one world. Of...

Lineage W

NCSoft Announces Multi-platform MMO Lineage W

NCSoft has announced a brand new MMORPG in the form of Lineage W. While short on details, we do know a few things including the fact that it is being planned for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PC, al...


Is Bezos An MMORPGer?

With my favorite MMORPG this minute New World mere weeks from launch, one question burns deep within my soul, is Jeff Bezos an MMORPG? Before you scoff and point out that he is in fact, an astronaut, ...


An MMORPG Resurgence?

Gaming genres go through regular change and what’s on top may not stay on top for long. Mobile platforms had long been dominated by puzzle games but have since been replaced by online slots real money...

Galaxies of Eden

Social MMORPG Galaxies of Eden Announced

MIR Cybernetics Corporation has announced Galaxies of Eden, a brand new entry coming to the MMORPG genre in the future. While incorporating most of the “typical” MMO features, GoE will als...

Diablo Immortal Release Has Been Moved to 2022

Diablo Immortal Release Has Been Moved to 2022

The developers from Blizzard have originally planned to release the mobile installment of the Diablo franchise this year, but these plans have changed. In a lengthy blog post on the official site, the...


Most Anticipated MMORPGs Still Coming In 2021

MMORPGs are dead! Long live MMORPGs! We’ll probably never see an MMORPG reach the popularity World of Warcraft garnered in the mid-2000s, but the genre is far from dead. Even before flocked to M...

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