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EA Announces Sims Sessions, An All New In-Game Music Festival

EA Announces Sims Sessions, An All New In-Game Music Festival

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer Maxis have announced the first-ever in-game music festival Sims Sessions that will be running from June 29 through July 7th, featuring exclusive Simlish perform...

stan lepard van lepoard

Guild Wars 2: Stan LePard – A Guiding Hand And A Musical Legacy

Living World Season 2 has just returned to Guild Wars 2. The journey back to Dry Top is something of an opportunity to look back at how far Tyria has come and the individuals that guided the commander...

GTA Online

GTA Online Devs Detail The Music Locker

When GTA Online receives The Cayo Perico Heist update later this month, players will have an all-new feature to explore in The Music Locker. The Music Locker is a new location for players that is situ...

Black Desert Online

Create & Share Music in Black Desert Online

Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss have announced a pretty cool new feature for Black Desert Online. Using the new “Compose & Play” feature, players are able to channel their inner composers ...

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VII Remake Dev Diary Dives into the Music

The latest in a series of video developer diaries from the Final Fantasy VII Remake team has been sent out. This time, the team takes a deep dive into the iconic music from the game and the difficulty...


Fuser Stages A Fantasy Music Festival on PC and Console in 2020

Developer Harmonix is about to bring a rather different musical experience as they bring Fuser to PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this year. Unveiled today and published by Kore...

amazon music free

Amazon Music Ads on Free Service For Everyone

Amazon Music just dropped a blog post that means that we’ve got a new source for music during those late-night raids and it’s finally free for everyone. Until now, the online megalith that is Amazon h...

synth riders

Synth Riders Gets Fit and A Free Music Update

Rhythm game Synth Riders is getting an interesting new addition. Not content busting out breakbeats, this popular VR title is due to get new tunes and YUR.FIT integration. While Just Dance is looking ...

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