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journey to the savage planet nintendo switch

Journey To The Savage Planet Surveys Nintendo Switch

Kindred Aerospace, the 4th best interstellar space exploration company, invites you on an adventure as Journey To The Savage Planet lands on Nintendo Switch. Journey to The Savage Planet is possibly o...

Nintendo Switch

The 5 Most Underrated Nintendo Switch Games

Switch players have no shortage of titles to play, but sometimes great games can go under the radar and don’t get the attention they deserve. And that’s bad for console players too, who miss out on ex...

Saints Row IV Banner

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Nintendo Switch Review – Mayhemic Fun

I had never bought into the Saints Row franchise. Going in, my impressions were based on past things I had heard. That being, that these games are full of guns and cars! My hesitance to play them in t...

8 Great
Otherworldly Banner

Otherworldly Nintendo Switch Quick Hit Review

It seemed like an exciting premise. Ultimate Games‘ Otherworldly for the Nintendo Switch looked to be a hybrid between a horror survival game and a dungeon crawler, all in a first-person perspec...

Talisman Banner

Talisman: Digital Edition Nintendo Switch Quick Hit Review

.I was never one to get overly excited about board games. Perhaps I always just preferred the high tech solution in video games? Maybe it’s due to the downtime between turns? It’s a bit ir...

jay and silent bob mall brawl

Jay And Silent Bob Mall Brawl Snooches Onto PC and Nintendo Switch

Jay and Silent Bob Mall Brawl is set to crash into life with an 8-bit adventure for the ages on 7 May. Due to arrive on Nintendo Switch and PC next week, this Jay and Silent Bob spin-off is a retro 8-...


Brigandine Demo Lands for Nintendo Switch

Fans of turn-based tactical JRPGs may be interested to hear that a brand new demo for Brigandine – The Legend of Runersia has landed in the Nintendo Eshop. The demo includes a playthrough of the...

Tharsis Nintendo Switch Banner

Tharsis Nintendo Switch Quick Hit Review – A Dicey Endeavor

“Space: the final frontier”, or so it’s been said. “Tharsis” is actually a real name of the “vast volcanic plateau centered near the equator in the western hemisphe...

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