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Paradox Reveals Update 2.0 'Marius' for Imperator Rome

Paradox Reveals Update 2.0 ‘Marius’ for Imperator: Rome

The developers from Paradox Interactive have announced an upcoming update 2.0 Marius for Imperator: Rome, aimed at addressing pacing, warfare and UX. Pacing-wise, the team aims to achieve a more consi...


Paradox Steam sale benefits COVID-19 relief efforts

Paradox Interactive has announced that it is helping to support ongoing relief efforts surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. From now through April 3rd, all proceeds from the sale of a number of the comp...

Paradox Interactive Highlights Creators on Cities: Skylines YouTube Channel

For nearly four years, people have been creating and sharing their metropolitan masterpieces through Cities: Skylines. To celebrate and showcase this creativity, Paradox Interactive has released the f...


Paradox Interactive Acquisition of BattleTech Dev Harebrained Schemes

Paradox Interactive announced today it’s plans to acquire Harebrained Schemes, the studio behind turn-based games Battletech, and the Shadowrun series.  It should be noted that Paradox published...

PDXCON_2018_Banner Paradox

Paradox – For Our Fans Video

Paradox Entertainment has shared quite a unique video accompanying an important update for PDXCON 2018: ticket types and prices are now revealed for general attendees. The prices, the list of perks fo...

Surviving Mars

Paradox and Haemimont Showcase Surviving Mars’ Gameplay

Today, as Gamescom 2018 gets going, Paradox and Haemimont Games are showcasing the gameplay video for their upcoming survival simulator, Surviving Mars. Take a look at the first gameplay footage in th...


Paradox Bringing Pillars of Eternity & Cities: Skylines to Consoles in August

Paradox is bringing a pair of hugely successful games to XBox One and PlayStation 4. Players will be able to purchase Cities: Skylines (PS4 only) and Pillars of Eternity (PS4/XB1) in August. Paradox &...

prison architect mobile

Prison Architect is coming to mobile thanks to Paradox Interactive

Well, if you’ve ever been wondering what the fuss around Prison Architect is all about, but never picked the game up on PC, you’ll soon have a more portable way to play the game that stole...

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