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Aldred Knight Banner

Aldred Knight Switch Quick Hit Review – Great Knight For A Platformer!

There are so many independent (“indie”) games out on the Nintendo Switch platform that there is sure to be something for everyone. Granted, graphically,  some of these games aren’t g...

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2D Platformer The King's Bird Is Coming to PS4

2D Platformer The King’s Bird Is Coming to PS4

Serenity Forge has announced that the 2D platformer The King’s Bird is stretching its wings and should arrive in PlayStation Store soon. Escape into a world kept secret by a tyrant, and discover...

Flood of Light: A Unique Take on the Puzzle/Platformer

The world is dark, damp, and devoid of all human life. A massive, unending rain, has caused massive flooding all over the city, and the world and the only life left are the robots who now inhabit the ...

9 Amazing
King's Bird

Platformer The King’s Bird Launches August 23 on Steam

Serenity Forge shared the release date of their platformer project The King’s Bird. The game will be available through Steam on August 23. Escape into a world kept secret by a tyrant, and discov...


ICEY is out now on Nintendo Switch – A classic hardcore platformer RPG

ICEY is released on Switch on May 31. The pricing is US$9.99 / 8.39€ / ¥1000 with 10% off launch discount. New JP V.O. is available and exclusive on Switch version for a short period of time.

Platformer Aura Of Worlds Ready To Challenge Players Starting On April 24th

Aura Of Worlds, a new rogue-like platformer from indie studio Cognitive Forge, is set to launch on Steam April 24th. With a strong focus on exploration, surviving the deadly levels will require the us...

Castle of Heart review

Castle of Heart – A Unique and Clever Fantasy Platformer

Castle of Heart from Polish-based 7Levels is a new take on the platforming action games of old. Think Mega-man, but with an aesthetic of European Fairytale. You play as a cursed knight, slowly turning...


Rad Rogers – The Nineties Called, They Want Their Platformer Back!

Straight out of the 90s comes a game about a boy named Rad, a boy who spends way too much time in front of his television. He falls asleep after a long gaming session, but he wakes later to find his c...

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