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Get Intergalactic With Zen Puzzler Supesu 2

There are different games that we play for different experiences. We play story-driven games like Last Day of June to be moved to feel. We revisit classics and remakes like DOOM to catch those nostalg...

8 Great
Fracter Review

Fracter Review for PC – A Devilishly Haunting Puzzler

I’ve become somewhat of the “Puzzle Game Guy” here at I find them interesting because they tend to flex your brain more than your twitchy trigger finger. For an older ...

8.5 Great
Golf Peaks Switch Review - A Puzzler That Should Peak Your Interest

Golf Peaks Switch Review – A Puzzler That Should Peak Your Interest

Arriving on the Nintendo Switch from Poland based publisher 7Levels, and developer Afterburn comes Golf Peaks, a puzzle game that is a combination of billiards, miniature golf and cards. Originally re...

9 Amazing
The Subject

Sci-fi Horror Puzzler-The Subject Lands on Kickstarter

A new sci-fi horror adventure, puzzler loaded with tension has reached the Kickstarter platform. Welcome to The Subject. WHAT IS THE SUBJECT GAME? As shared on Steam: Can you stay calm while being hun...

Subaeria review

Subaeria: A great Puzzler defeated by its own mechanics

Puzzle games are an interesting breed of video game. They by their very nature challenge players to think outside the preverbal box, forcing us to look at the world around us in a different light. In ...

5.5 Average

Our Review of Artistic Puzzler Vandals

Art is such a subjective term. We use the word to describe masterpieces like the impressionism of Claude Monet or the glasswork of Dale Chihuly. However, the word has also been applied to a work that ...

Membrane Title Image

Membrane for Nintendo Switch is a Delightfully Retro Platform Puzzler

Man versus housefly.  For centuries mankind has been haunted by these food tainting, dive bombing, skin tickling pests.  At its core, Membrane is a game about this rivalry.  When a fly lands on your a...

Ghostory review

Ghostory Review – An Indie Puzzler Worth Your Time

Do you love puzzle games? How about ones that get progressively more complicated the more levels you beat? Then you will love Ghostory. Ghostory is a cool 2D puzzle platformer that you might want to l...

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