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CES 2020: Razer Kishi Goes Mobile As It Arrives In Vegas

Razer, the peripheral manufacturer turned cult status symbol for gamers has unveiled its take on mobile gaming with the Razer Kishi. Announced at CES 2020, the Kishi is just part of Razer’s portfolio ...

Razer Silver

Get Digging as Razer Reintroduce Razer Gold and Silver

Its clear to anybody taking a cursory glance at Razer’s behavior of late that the mouse manufacturer is trying to diversify away from its core peripheral market. So, it’s no surprise to hear that Raze...

Razer Release New eGPU for Windows and MacOS

After the recent release of the Core V2, Razer unveiled the latest product in their line-up of eGPU enclosures with the Razer Core X.  If you are not familiar with the technology, an eGPU or external ...


The Razer Game Store is now open for business!

Razer has announced their launch of the Razer Game Store, a new digital distribution platform for PC games.  Now live! To celebrate the launch, Razer is offering exclusive launch reward deals includin...

KSV eSports and Razer Form Official Partnership

KSV eSports and Razer announced a partnership today. KSV, owners of Overwatch League stars, Seoul Dynasty, as well as a number of prominent eSports teams in a variety of major games, including League ...

Razer Reveals New “Seiren Elite” Streaming Microphone

This morning, Razer announced the latest in their ever-expanding series of desktop gaming and streaming peripherals. With an eye firmly cast at streamers, the lifestyle company revealed the Seiren Eli...


Razer Announces Updated Razer Blade Stealth Laptop and new eGPU

Razer (Irvine, Calif.) announced two major releases for the gamer on the go. The first is an update to their ultrabook, the Razer Blade Stealth. This laptop boasts the 8th generation Intel® Core™ i7-8...

Razer Begins Shipping Razer Blade Stealth QHD and UHD Laptops

  Are you a creative looking for a new laptop and don’t want to invest in the almighty Apple? Razer has got you covered. As of today, you can pick up you own low profile QHD or UHD laptop i...

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