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Wartile, Real Time Medieval Tabletop Strategy, Comes To Steam Early Access On March 17th

Playwood Projects sent out a word about their tabletop inspired strategy game. Wartile will give players a chance to lead armies of figures across battle boards as well as engage in fights. The game w...

Heave Ho Review

Heave Ho Review – A Real Cliffhanger

As you cling to a boulder in pitch-black darkness with nothing but infinity beneath you, you grin. This is nothing new. You swing yourself, rolling your body across the rocks, as your grip never falte...

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The Most Popular Esports Of All Time

Esports is the term that the gaming industry uses to describe competitive video gaming at a professional level. Short for electronic sports, it emphasizes the fact that video gaming has gone to the sa...

Xbox Games

Strategy, Sci-Fi & PC Building Anchor this week’s Xbox Games

Once again, Xbox One players have a plethora of great games to look forward to in this week’s releases. There’s something for just about every taste whether you’re into sci-fi or eve...

Turn Based Action Strategy Game BATALJ Coming to PC

Fans of Turn-based strategy games will be excited to hear that Indie Developer Fall Damage is working on a new TB strategy title. BATALJ is an intense action strategy game that will see you face off a...

Steam High Five Digital Reality

STEAM HIGH FIVE: Digital Reality Goes On

Halloween is done and gone and it’s time to move on. While there are still some interesting looking horror/thriller type games making their way to the STEAM market, we want to break from the fea...

Exorder Review – Hardcore Strategy

Fat Dog Games, based in Warsaw, Poland is bringing their multi-language, fantasy turn-based game, Exorder, to the Nintendo Switch platform. The port comes almost exactly seven months after the PC vers...

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Best FPS Games of All Time

The 10 Best FPS Games of All Time

Just when the genre seems to run aground, a truly great game comes along revitalizing the space and reminding gamers the reason they love shooters to begin with. First person shooters have long been a...

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