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Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia Enters The Jungle on 23 September

Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia Enters The Jungle on 23 September

Rhythm of the Universe: Ionia, the musical VR adventure from Rotu Entertainment, is set for release on 23 September. Rotu Entertainment has confirmed that Rhythm of the Universe: IONIA, the musical VR...


Ragnarock Is A VR Viking Metal rhythm Game

Put on some Viking metal and pull on your VR headset. Ragnarock is out now and it’s unlike any other rhythm game I recognize. We already know that Vikings and metal are a sublime combination of ...

Pax Impressions – Rhythm Of The Universe: Ionia

Pax Impressions – Rhythm Of The Universe: Ionia

With just over a week left to run of Pax Online, gamespace took some time to get outside indoors and take on upcoming VR title Rhythm Of The Universe: Ionia. Set in the majestic Ionian forest, this ne...

gun jam

Gun Jam Is A New Rhythm Shooter

British Developer Jaw Drop Games just announced they are set to unleash a musical FPS called Gun Jam and it looks like a gun barrel of fun. It appears that A British independent studio better known fo...

Giraffe and Annika Review

Giraffe and Annika Review – Rhythm and Charm

A little charm, a little childlike innocence, and a few rhythmic battles make up the unique title Giraffe and Annika. This musical adventure title developed by Atelier Mimina and produced by PLAYISM s...

6.3 Fair

140 Switch Review – In Rhythm Color

Can you hear that sound? Can you feel the beat? In 140 by Carlsen Games, feeling the music and listening for patterns is fundamental to being successful in this rhythmic puzzle platformer. 140 was ori...

7.8 Good

Muse Dash Is About To Put Rhythm on A Platform

It’s no surprise to anybody here at Gamespace that I adore anything title that’s bright, unusual, Japanese. So when X.D. Network announced Muse Dash was coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in June, I was...

Double Kick Heroes

PAX East 2018 – Double Kick Heroes is one hell of a unique rhythm game

There are a lot of rhythm games out there, but I have never seen one where you must shoot zombies to the tune of metal music before. This is exactly what Double Kick Heroes is and I got the chance to ...

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