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Shadow of the Colossus Story Trailer

Shadow of the Colossus – Story Trailer

Sony Interactive Entertainment has shared a new video for the upcoming remake of the Shadow of the Colossus. After sharing what it feels like to remake a classic and giving players a chance to glimpse...

Shadow of the Colossus - Remaking a Masterpiece PS4

Remaking a Masterpiece: Shadow of the Colossus

PlayStation channel has been updated with a new video titled “Remaking a Masterpiece”. In it, the Shadow of the Colossus development team shares their vision and doubts. How do you approac...

The Best Steam Releases This Week – 6/07/2019

With all of the gaming news coming out of E3 this last week, the horizon of video game releases that are laid out before us promises a wealth of adventure and countless hours of enjoyment; enough so, ...

The Steam Awards 2018 Nominees

The Steam Awards 2018 Nominees

With the year coming to an end, Steam digital distribution platform is proud to announce the finalists for The Steam Awards 2018. Now it is up for the community to choose the winners by voting for the...


Abzu Review – Nintendo Switch Edition

When Abzu initially launched on PC, PlayStation 4 back in August 2016, it seemed an odd idea. Yet, a game that seemed to be about skulking around the depths of the ocean floor captured critics hearts....

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Extinction review

Extinction: Giant orc-like monster genocide, served piping hot

There’s always something enjoyable about running around and killing monsters that at first glance look way too powerful to be felled by a single person.  Luckily, the hero of the story always has a wa...


Annual Steam Awards Voting Opens – Choose the Best of the Best

The annual voting for the Steam Awards 2017 has opened. From now through January 2nd, you can vote in any one of a number of categories to select the nominee that you feel most truly deserves recognit...

breath of the wild review

The GameSpace Game of the Year Awards

As we near the end of what could be considered the greatest year in gaming history (can you think of another year with so many quality AAA and Indie titles alike), it’s time to hand out our top ...

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