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Spellbreak is Adding 9v9 Clash Mode

The developers from Proletariat Studio have shared the accolades trailer for their magic-themed Battle Royale Spellbreak. Keen-eyed watchers could have caught a little announcement snuck into its end:...

spellbreak launches duo queues

Grab A friend As Spellbreak Launches Duo Queues Today

Spellbreak the elemental battle royale from developer Proletariat, has just unleashed a brand new game mode on players. Get ready to queue for Duos. Last week Spellbreak launched solo queues, allowing...

spellbreak solo mode

Spellbreak Gets Solo Mode

Spellbreak, the frantic spell-slinging battle royale from Proletariat just got a brand new Solo game mode. Not content with raising hell and causing something of a stir after launching on 3 September,...

Spellbreak Community Highlights NukeMaster

Spellbreak – Launch Gameplay Trailer

As announced during Gamescom 2020, the developers from Proletariat Studio have released their magic-based fantasy Battle Royale Game Spellbreak. Owners of PC (via Epic Games Store), Nintendo Switch, P...

Spellbreak Community Highlights Viotrix

Spellbreak Announces Cross Progression Across All Platforms

Developer Proletariat announced that magic-themed Battle Royale Spellbreak will support cross-progression across Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One at launch. Ultimately that means that you can tak...


Spellbreak Will be Free-to-Play on All Platforms

The developers from Proletariat Studios have announced that their magic-wielding fantasy Battle Royale Spellbreak will be free-to-play on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch when it launches later t...

Spellbreak Community Highlights Viotrix

Spellbreak – Coming Soon to Xbox One & Switch

The developers from Proletariat studios have participated in the Summer of Gaming 2020 and shared a new gameplay trailer for their magic-based Battle Royale Spellbreak. The game allows you to weave to...

rainway spellbreak

Rainway Players Can Grab Spellbreak Beta Access

Gamers playing on the Rainway platform have a new treat incoming. Rainway and Proletariat have partnered to give away Spellbreak Beta Access. For a limited time, gamers who go ahead and download Rainw...

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