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Cooking Simulator – Shelter - a room of glowing ingredients

Crepes Go Post Apocalyptic with Cooking Simulator – Shelter

Cooking Simulator, the gastro sim that doesn’t risk your weekly shop, is heading to the most unlikely larder in Cooking Simulator – Shelter. Everybody’s got to eat right? Even the most monstrous survi...

Settlement Survival Screenshot

Build Your New Escape With The Settlement Survival Demo

Settlement Survival, a low poly survival city-builder from Gleamer Studios, is getting a demo just in time for Next Fest. Taking slice of life farming sims and adding a slightly harsher edge, city-bui...

GTA Online

Seven New Survivals Join GTA Online This Week

GTA Online players have tons of new content to explore thanks to the arrival of seven new Survivals that pits players against Vagos, Ballas, and other gangs. In addition, there is some sweet loot to c...

HeatWave - New Sandbox Survival Strategy from Perimeter Games

HeatWave – New Sandbox Survival Strategy from Perimeter Games

The developers from Perimeter Games have released a new trailer to introduce players to a sandbox, non-linear guerrilla group simulator set in Alaska: HeatWave. The game combines mechanics of strategy...

Last oasis developer interview

Last Oasis Developer Interview Talks Worms, Survival, & Woopunk Warfare

Last Oasis burst onto the gaming scene during March, taking the idea of a sandbox survival quite literally, developers Donkey Crew unleashed a dystopian world where the last remnants of humanity raced...

total tank simulator preview

Total Tank Simulator Front Line Action Preview

Close the hatch and man the turrets as we take to the front lines and get an early look at Total Tank Simulator. Due to blast into Early Access on PC, Total Tank Simulator is a new strategic sim from ...

ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved “Genesis” expansion launches

ARK: Survival Evolved players have a ton of new content to explore thanks to the launch of the Genesis expansion. According to the dev team, Genesis Part 1 will challenge all players throughout a new ...

Total Tank Simulator

Total Tank Simulator Coming To Steam 2020

505 Games are partnering up with Noobz from Poland to bring Total Tank Simulator to Steam in 2020. Total Tank Simulator is a physics-based tactical World War II battle simulator developed by Noobz Fro...

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