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Lord of the Rings: Return To Moria A New Survival Crafting Game Announced

On June 10, 2022, we got an announcement that came out of left field. A new title is coming out in the world of Middle Earth, Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. From this point out you need to speak ...

Wasteland Survival PC Review

Wasteland Survival PC Review

There are times when the best thing you can do for a game is to log off and exit out. This is our Wasteland Survival review. Wasteland Survival is a fairly basic game with intuitive and very simple co...

3 Bad

60 Parsecs Review – Space Soup Survival!

Developed by Robot Gentlemen 60 Parsecs is a strategic, survival game based around one thrilling factor. The planet is about to blow and you have one minute to prepare before it does! Can you get enou...

7.6 Good
Happy Birthdays

Happy Birthdays is a Jurassic Sandbox Simulator

Happy Birthdays is a difficult game to describe by any measure. Part Pokémon, part Minecraft, with a multi-colored sprinkling of Harvest Moon, it is the sort of game that makes little sense until you ...

7 Good
Eden Rising

Eden Rising: Supremacy – An interesting twist on open world survival

A harsh and savage world beckons with an offer to trade humanity for immortality and power. A strange presence informs you of an ancient race and their fantastic machines, the Crucibles, which have la...

Frozenheim Review - Furious Fjordic Fighting

Frozenheim Review – Furious Fjordic Management

Grab an axe, jump aboard the longboat, and prepare to cut through the other clans as we take to the frozen fjords of Viking strategy, Frozenheim. Released just last month and already available on PC, ...

7 Good

Chimeraland Is A Monster Making MMORPG To Sink Your Teeth Into

Ever wanted to fly a whale-dragon-reindeer mount. Now you can with the release of Chimeraland on PC and mobile. The outfit behind upcoming anime superstar Tower of Fantasy has thrown something of a zo...

V Rising Got a New Hotfix

V Rising Got a New Hotfix

Stunlock Studios, the developers of the vampire-themed survival sim V Rising, have taken to Steam to outline the latest hotfix to the game. The update introduced some new features to the game such as ...

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