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Tell Me Why

5 Reasons You Should Play Tell Me Why

Tell Me Why is DontNod Entertainment’s latest game offering. Following the success of Life is Strange and Life is Strange 2, DontNod takes another shot at an episodic narrative adventure game, t...

tell me why release date

Tell Me Why Release Date Set For August

Dontnod, the independent french Studio behind narrative hits such as Life is Strange, has confirmed that the Tell Me Why release date is now set for 27 August 2020. Coming to Xbox and Windows, via Xbo...

tell me why transgender lead

Dontnod Unveil Tell Me Why With A Transgender Lead

Dontnod, the French indie developer behind titles like Life Is Strange, revealed its latest title at X019 and this narrative adventure looks to be groundbreaking. Unleashed with all the usual fanfare ...

BfA Made Me Leave WoW for Good

BfA Made Me Leave WoW for Good

From the Burning of Teldrassil to the Siege of Undercity, the results of the Fourth War, and more, the Battle for Azeroth has changed the face of World of Warcraft forever. Throughout the expansion, t...

Our Favorite Last Gen Console Games

Our Favorite Last Gen Console Games

The current-gen console is dead, long live the current-gen console! Although they aren’t technically dead, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are effectively stepping down from the console throne th...

Retro Games

Retro Games That Offer Food for Thought

When you talk about games that challenge the way you look at life or at least the ones that offer a bit of food for thought outside of the virtual space, it is quite a common occurrence these days. Th...

Dogs as a Plot Device in Media

In the past few years, I’ve noticed a recurring theme in a lot of single player RPGs. When humans fail, dogs win us over. If your story isn’t progressing quickly enough or lacks empathy, throw a dog i...

Xbox Gift Card

5 Reasons Why You Should Give Xbox Gift Card To Avid Video Game Fans

Do you know someone who’s an avid Xbox user?  If so, you can give that gamer an Xbox gift card to enjoy a plethora of Microsoft’s offerings. Note that this card can purchase more than just...

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