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tetris 99 team battle

Tetris 99 Team Battle Arrives In New Update

The most recent block-based battler from Nintendo is getting a new Tetris 99 team battle update that will introduce a different way to play the classic Nintendo title with friends. At launch Tetris 99...

super kirby clash tetris 99

Super Kirby Clash Comes To Tetris 99 This Week

If you’re a fan of Tetris 99 then you’ll want to block out some time to catch the latest cross over event. Super Kirby Clash is coming to Nintendo’s battle royale puzzler. To celebrate the launch of S...

tetris 99 physical

Tetris 99 Gets Physical Release

Put the Lego to one side, there are some new building blocks to get your hands on as Tetris 99 gets a physical release in the west. It seems that Tetris 99 is something of a runaway success for Ninten...

Big Block DLC

Big Block DLC takes Tetris 99 Offline For A Price

What more could Nintendo give Tetris, a game that launched back in 1984 and seems to have more longevity than an Italian plumber and friends? It appears that, for Nintendo, the answer is lots more as ...

Pac-Man 99

Pac-Man 99 is a New Switch Battle Royale & It’s Out Today!

Nintendo is always full of surprises and today is no exception with its announcement of Pac-Man 99. The game is, oddly enough, a battle royale and it is launching on Nintendo Switch later today as par...

puyo puyo tetris 2 adventure mode

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 Gets An Adventure Mode and Pre Orders

Sega Of America has just given gamers a first look at upcoming puzzler Pyo Puyo Teris 2’s adventure mode. During this weekend’s Pax Online festival, Sega of America introduced fans of the Puyo univers...

Tetris 99 Offline Multiplayer

Tertis 99 Offline Multiplayer Drops In New DLC

Tetris 99 Offline Multiplayer is coming. The blockbusting Nintendo Switch title is getting a second DLC and it includes this interesting new feature. An update on Nintendo’s official Japanese website ...

Tetris Royale

Tetris Royale Unveiled For Mobile. Will It Reign Victorious?

A brand new Tetris game is about to kick off a different type of battle royale. N3twork and The Tetris Company has announced Tetris Royale is coming to iOS and Android in 2019. The Tetris Company’s ne...

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