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Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble review

Tiny Metal: Full Metal Rumble Review

Back in 2017, a company, newly founded, called Area 35 released a spiritual successor to the Advance Wars game developed by Intelligent Systems back in 2001. Developed as a turn-based tactics game, Ti...

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Tiny Metal review

Tiny Metal Review

While there has not been a new entry to the Advance Wars series since 2008, many other developers have stepped in to try and make a game to take its place. With Tiny Metal, AREA35 puts out their first...

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Tiny Metal

t's WAR in TINY METAL, the revival of Japanese arcade war gaming! Outfight the enemy with your own army of foot soldiers, tanks, helicopters, tactical vehicles, and fighter jets. Capture rival terr...

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Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Guardian Games Event is Pretty Classy

The Guardian Games have begun in Destiny 2 as part of this year’s Season of the Worthy! It’s time for players to log into the game to prove why their class is simply the best. There are a ...

Check Out the Lineup of Switch & 3DS Games From Nintendo Direct

During today’s Nintendo Direct, the company unleashed information about a ton of games coming to both Switch and 3DS. In addition, Nintendo revealed new amiibo figures based on The Legend of Zel...

New Switch Games This Week Will Blow Your Mind

New Switch Games This Week Will Blow Your Mind

A new week means new Nintendo Switch games arriving to swipe you off your feet on a daring gaming adventure! Check out the selection below for the most interesting releases of the week or proceed to t...

New Week Means More Games For Nintendo Switch

New Week Means More Games For Nintendo Switch

That’s right, with a new week here Nintendo’s console is getting a bunch of new games across a variety of genres that could appeal to a great number of gamers. Check out the selection belo...

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