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Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital going Off the Grid next week

No, no. Don’t panic. Two Point Hospital isn’t going anywhere but it IS expanding according to a new announcement from SEGA. On March 18th, PC players will be able to head into the new Stea...

Keep Your Patients Alive in Two Point Hospital With These 5 Tips

Keep Your Patients Alive in Two Point Hospital With These 5 Tips

Two Point Hospital is coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in under a week! On February 25th the doors of your hospital will open to hordes of patients, and it is up to you to design and manage...

two point hospital

Two Point Hospital Discharged To Consoles in February

Two Point Hospital is ready to treat a new wave of players for gaming-related problems as the charming management title hits consoles on 25 February 2020. Coming to Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox ...

Two Point Hospital Console Release Date Postponed

Two Point Hospital Console Release Date Postponed

SEGA and Two Point Studios have planned to release the hospital simulator/management sim Two Point Hospital on consoles before 2019 is over. However, the developers have just announced that those plan...

Two Point Hospital: Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind

It’s been a year since I reviewed Two Point Hospital which released on PC 2018 – three years after its original console release in 2015. Since my review, I’ve jumped into every DLC a...

Two Point Hospital - Close Encounters DLC Adds Aliens to the Game

Two Point Hospital – Close Encounters Adds Aliens

SEGA Europe Ltd and Two Point Studios have announced a new expansion for Two Point Hospital. Called Close Encounters, the DLC adds 3 mysterious new locations, 3 new cure machines, 11 new visual illnes...


Paging Two Point Hospital to Consoles This 2019

Two Point Hospital, the spiritual successor to Theme Hospital is about to wrap up with PC gamers and switch wards as it head’s to console in late 2019. Vomiting bugs, exploding hemorrhoids, and gastri...

{PRESS RELEASE} Two Point Hospital: Pebberley Island is out on Steam

Chap-hop artist Professor Elemental’s music video celebrates Wiggy Silverbottom’s expedition in search of the mythical spring of immortality in Two Point Hospital’s new DLC Sunglasse...

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