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Trove Sunrise Update

The Sunrise Update Brings Summer Fun to Trove

Gamigo has announced that Trove has been patched to bring the Sunrise Update into the game. Currently, the patch is only available for PC players of the voxel-based MMORPG. Sunrise is packed with new ...

Trove Spring Fling 2022

Spring Fling Launches in Trove with New Events and Rewards

Gamigo has announced that its voxel-based MMO Trove has been updated to bring the annual Spring Fling event to live status. Players will be able to participate in a number of new quests to earn all-ne...

Going Medieval Early Access Review

Going Medieval is a delightful colony building sim founded in the Medieval age with heavy Arthurian influence. In this builder, the Black Death has absolutely devastated Europe, leaving most of what’s...

Portal Knights Review Switch

Portal Knights Review

With the voxel-based game craze that started with Minecraft, it takes a lot to create another of the same type while managing to stand out.  Portal Knight aims to differentiate itself by not only havi...

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