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Apple VR Headset Rumored To Be Coming

Reports have surfaced that mobile giant Apple is due to take on the likes of the PlayStation VR with their very own VR Headset. You might soon be able to step into the Cupertino and make Apple your wh...

Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond

Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond is a new game for VR

Respawn Entertainment is bringing its most famous IP to virtual reality. During yesterday’s Oculus Connect event, the company announced Medal of Honor: Above & Beyond, a brand new MoH experi...

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky Beyond with VR support coming Aug. 14th

Hello Games has announced that the seventh update to No Man’s Sky is set to be released on Wednesday, August 14th. Called BEYOND, the free update will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and P...

VR Gaming and Cryptocurrency: What’s Next?

Most lists of the biggest advancements to technology over the next few years – including gaming technology –will cite both VR gaming and cryptocurrency as big players in the game. So, it should come a...

Doctor Who VR Game is Coming This September

Doctor Who VR Game is Coming This September

Developed by Maze Theory and published by PlayStack, Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is a new VR game coming out this September. It will transport fans into a globally-beloved world of aliens, mystery an...

REVIEW: Konrad’s Kittens — VR

Reviewing VR games is tricky. This is my first VR review, and I realized I cannot approach it the same way I would approach a “traditional” game review. VR goes beyond traditional games in that it mus...

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The Jumanji Franchise Whats Next

The Jumanji Franchise: What’s Next? A VR Game?

Board game, magical gateway, supernatural jungle adventure; the classic 1995 Jumanji movie got an HD makeover recently in the form of a big budget reboot, and supposedly there’s more to come for fans ...

No Man's Sky - Step Even Further Beyond With VR

No Man’s Sky – Step Even Further Beyond With VR

A couple of weeks ago, No Man’s Sky team has introduced the upcoming update to the game aptly titled Beyond. The team keeps sharing the information about the update in tiny pieces to preserve th...

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