50 Million Players Log Into Black Desert

Black Desert

Pearl Abyss has kicked off its own 12th anniversary and just in time to announce that the Black Desert franchise has amassed a stunning 50 million registered players.

Sometimes we forget exactly how massive an MMORPG can get until the numbers hit headlines. With a whopping 50 million registered players, the Black Desert franchise is certainly aiming for grandiose. Since launching back in 2014 in Eastern territories, the stunning Black Desert made its way west, introducing incredible graphics, a free flowing combat system, and a huge world to desktop.

Now the team behind this staple of the MMORPG genre has expand to 150 countries, multiple platforms, and new in game locations. They are also out to cram even more players into this gorgeous fantasy adventure, with a free play event running between 10 a.m. PDT today through 10 a.m. PDT on September 19. All players need in order to try out Black Desert for no cost down is log into Steam, download the game and get playing. Whether you want to try out the latest Buccaneer class or feel the power of the Drakania is up to you.

“We are very proud and thankful that our Black Desert franchise has managed to reach so many players across the globe, and we feel humbled by the positive support we received from our community,” said James Heo, CEO of Pearl Abyss. “We will strive relentlessly to improve Black Desert and build on our success with new IP that are currently being developed using brand new technical facilities and are running on our proprietary BlackSpace Engine.”

To find out more about Black Desert and find out why it’s managed to stick around so long in a market where others fight an uphill battle, you can head over to the Black Desert website now and join the action on PC, console, and mobile.

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