Angry Birds Movie 2 Confirmed for 2019, 10 Years After the First Game

Angry Birds Movie 2

Rovio Entertainment has announced that The Angry Birds Movie 2 will be screaming into theaters in 2019. The movie will arrive just in time for the game’s tenth anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, isn’t it?

Angry Birds Movie 2 & the celebration of a series

The Angry Birds series of games, and there are a lot of them, is nothing short of a worldwide phenomenon. In these days of mobile gaming, there can’t be many who don’t know of them. Not only have the games spawned sequel after sequel, but they have inspired many other things including toys and, well, movies!

The sequel is due out on the very precise date of September 20, 2019. Production is already underway, directed by the creator of Flapjack and Adventure Time (Thurop Van Orman). His co-director, John Rice, also worked on the first flick.

At this point, little else is known about the movie, but more is sure to come out in the near future.

How many Angry Birds games have you played!?

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