Cards Against Humanity Adds Mass Effect Themed Card Pack

Okay, okay, we can bang aliens in MEA, we got it!
Cards Against Humanity meets Mass Effect

Bioware and Cards Against Humanity team have joined forces to bring forth a new pack. Artists drafted over 700 cards, but only 14 of them have made it through. The pack centers on cross-species… interactions, fitting with Bioware’s latest line of MEA marketing.

Cards Against Humanity meets Mass Effect

Trin Garritano, director of events, emotions and various promotions, noted:

Whenever we’d look at the list of cards their team preferred, it was only cards about f*****g. We had to push through a few non-sex cards just to widen the appeal of the deck. It was an incredible problem to have and I am still absolutely tickled by this.

You can take a look at some cards’ samples over at Polygon.

The 14-card expansion costs just $1 as well as is available for shipping for US. However, once the pack sells out on the site, it will be gone forever.

Mass Effect Andromeda is the upcoming TPS/Action RPG from Bioware. According to (many) comments by the developers, players can bang aliens along with other game’s features.

The game will be released for Xbox One, PS4 & PC on March 21st.

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  1. You know what game could do really well with CAH? The Witcher. If they somehow merged it with GWENT? Profit.

  2. This was the most important news of the day. *violently flings money at his monitor*

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