Critical Role: Animated Series

If you have not heard, recently Critical Role made a Kickstarter project to produce an animated special with animation studio Titmouse. After crushing their goal of $750k within an hour and most of their stretch goals it was thought where would they go from here. At least that is what I thought because as a fan I would love to see a series. With now over $5.8 million pledged one of the newly thought out stretch goals is the Briarwoods Arc of their story and that goal has been reached for the first two episodes of the Arc. Not only is a series now planned but more one-shot campaigns too. To unlock the possibility of more episodes and Ashley Johnson GM’ing, two more stretch goals have to be met. It goes without saying their kickstarter has been a huge success and a big congratulations to them and the community. I’m looking forward to how far it goes and all the content coming our way. Also, it is Thursday, so tune into the episode tonight on their twitch if you are not sure what Critical Role is and want to know.


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