Super Nintendo World to Open in Japan in 2020, Also Headed to the US

Super Nintendo World

Universal Studios is finally ready to reveal a tiny bit more about Super Nintendo World. A brief 30-second trailer starring Mario reveals that SNW will open in Japan in 2020!

Super Nintendo World

While we don’t know much about the theme park, we do know that the “attraction” will be hosted at Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. It is not a coincidence that the attraction is opening when it it. The big celebration for the opening will happen just in time for the 2020 Summer Olympic Games.

In addition, both Universal Los Angeles and Universal Florida will be getting a similar attraction in the future. Obviously, there is no firm information about when, just that it is coming.

This is finally confirmation about the rumors swirling earlier in the week that the attraction’s construction had already begun. While not confirmed, folks are hopeful that Donkey Kong Country and Mario Kart rides will be part of it all. Both were recently part of a trademark filing revealed in May.

Would you go to Super Nintendo World?

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