Honey I Joined A Cult Demands Your Devotion on 3 November

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Honey I Joined A Cult, is about to bring the sweet sweet taste of unwavering devotion to PC on 3 November 2022.

After dropping into Seam Early Access back in September 2021, Honey I Joined Cult finishes preparation and heads out to brainwash even more of us when it goes into full launch soon. The news that this management sim is ascending to version 1.0 just appeared and we even got a new trailer too. Would-be cult leaders can purchase Honey I Joined a Cult on Steam right now for $21.99 / €21.99 / £17.49. We don’t know if Team17 and developer Sole Survivor games will be demanding a larger ‘donation’ after launch, but I’m probably pledging now.

Players who would be cult leaders can get in on the ground and build their own loyal following when they open up this new endeavor. You can decide everything from the time of worship to the place to put your own discombobulator. You’ll need to host cheesy fundraisers, chant your heart out, expand this mini empire, and manage everything that makes a cult tick. With Early Access about to finish, there looks likely to be a ton more content on the way. Recent updates included the Peace & Love add on, which introduced six new themed rooms, two brand new endings to explore, new outfits, and a rework of the tutorial and prestige system. A final pre-launch roadmap suggests that isn’t going to end any time soon either.

While Cult of the Lamb was a wonderful brainwasher, Honey I Joined A Cult is its very own take on the power of personality. Check out more on the official Steam Store page and be prepared to gouge gullible followers for all they are worth!

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