10 Yummy Pies Inspired by Video Games

March 14th marks the celebration of Pi Day in every high school math and chemistry classroom in the US. So, obviously, we celebrate with pie. There are tons of talented bakers in the gaming universe that enjoy taking those ever-elusive digital pies and converting them into tangible, delectable treats. In honor of Pi Day, we salute you creators. In no real particular order, I present to you: 10 yummy pies that have been inspired by video games.

10. Breath of the Wild – Fish Pie

From: Sheika Plate

Pi Day: Fish Pie

A mainstay in any fisherman’s home, the crisp crust pairs well with the fishy flavor.

Mmm…I absolutely love savory pies, and this Fish Pie looks heavenly.

9. Guild Wars 2 – Omnomberry Pie

From Terrible Trio Creations

Pi Day: Omnomberry Pie

Omnomberry Pies are very popular in PvP because of their life-stealing benefits on critical hits. They also offer an experience boost from kills. I would go through hundreds of Asura to get one slice of this pie. Look at how beautiful and golden that crust is.

8. World of Warcraft – Pumpkin Pie

From: Pixelated Provisions

Pi Day: WoW Pumpkin PiePumpkin pies are one of my favorites, and I have fond memories of consuming them from the feast table during the Pilgrim’s Bounty festival every year. Maybe it’s the dollop of cream on top, but that slice of pie looks straight out of the game, and just as delicious.

7. Fallout 4 – Perfectly Preserved Pie

From: Pixelated Provisions

Pi Day: Fallout Pie

I think at one point, we all wished we could have smashed through the glass and just grabbed up a plate of that perfectly preserved pie. Winning it from a Port-A-Diner felt like you had won the lottery.

6. Final Fantasy XI – Moogle Pie

From: Moogle Pie

Pi Day: Moogle Pie

Suuuure it’s not.

5. The Sims – Key Lime Pie

From: Nerdy Nummies

Pi Day: Sims Pie

Probably not what you immediately think of when it comes to game food, but the Sims had some pretty amazing looking food. Rosanna Pansino brought this yummy treat to real life, and it looks divine.

4. Mortal Kombat – Apple Pie

From: Popcorn Reviews

Pi Day: Mortal Kombat Pie

Though this pie doesn’t exist anywhere in the Mortal Kombat universe, I sure wish it had. The dyed apple slices are really clever, and it looks baked to perfection.

3. Portal: Chocolate “Cake”

From: The Gluttonous Geek

Pi Day: Portal Pie

The cake is a PIE.

2. Skyrim – Snowberry Crostata

From: Kaitlyn’s Blog

Pi Day: Skyrim Pie

One of the virtual foods that I wish I could have just reached through the screen to eat. Kaitlyn opted to go for cherries instead of snowberries. Good choice, Kaitlyn.

1. LOTRO: Apple and Cheese Pie

From: My Main is a Cook

Pi Day: FF Pie

Kind of an unconventional choice, but man does that crust look amazing. Reading through My Main is a Cook’s recipe post had me doubtful at first, but by the end, I think they’ve convinced me that goat cheese and apple slices pie might be worth trying.

Happy pi day, from Gamespace!

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  1. That Apple and Cheese pie looks really good.

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