5 Games So Scary I Pooped Myself – A Tale of Woe from Blake Morse

Scary Games

We’ve all been there. You’re playing a scary game in the dark alone. You hear a noise in the house. A creak in the walls, or maybe you think there’s someone speaking. You keep playing the game when all of sudden…BOOM! The monster pops up from out of nowhere in the game you’re playing and so long to another brave pair of undies. Here’s our somewhat serious list of 5 Scary Games for Halloween that just might make you defecate yourself.

Yes. Of course, we’ve all played games so scary that we’ve pooped ourselves from time to time. But some games have made such an impact in on our colons that they deserve more recognition that “I was so scared, I pooped myself!” So with that in mind, the expert minds here at GameSpace have come up with the quintessential list of games so scary that it made us poop our collective pants.

Not Scary But Might Make Still Make You Poop:

That’s right, games can make you poop for a number of reasons, not just because you’re scared. Sometimes you’ll poop from joy, other times maybe love is the culprit. It’s important that we distinguish the differences in these types of poops before moving forward.

Lego Anything

The only reason anyone would poop themselves while playing a Lego game is that they are a tiny child. And children poop all over the place for no reason all the time already! Definitely not poop-inducing series in any way, shape, or form.

Goat Simulator 

“Pooping haha” is definitely different “Pooping Ah!Ah!” And no game better illustrates that than Goat Simulator, a game that could easily make anyone laugh until they poop! But there’s hardly even anything remotely scary about it! No horror induced pooping going on here!

The Sims

This is a game where you sit and poop your life away while watching imaginary people sit and poop their lives away. This is more of an existential crisis poop. Which, while horrifying in its own way, is not really the type of scariness we’re dealing with on this list. I’m saving this one for my “5 Games My Therapist Wants Me to Stop Playing” article.

Scary Games That Will Make You Poop:
  1. House of the Dead

This classic arcade shooter can really make a person squeeze out those poops of panic. Whether it’s an ambush of zombie maggots or a flying demon, there’s enough here to scare even the most stern of bowels. And since it is an arcade game you can be sure it’s led to some rather public embarrassing moments for some unlucky players who didn’t know what they were getting into. Definitely gonna have some streaks in your undies form this one!

  1. Left 4 Dead 

You didn’t think there’d just be one game with zombies on this list, did you? Of course not! Almost every game ever made has some form of the walking dead in it. (I think it’s an ESRB law) But none of the other zombies game has the abrupt, overwhelming onslaught of brain-hungry corpses that are bound to cause screaming, panicking poops of fear! This game is gonna make your pants stink more than a freshly exploded boomer! Heh…”Boomer”

  1. Dead By Daylight 

Thank goodness the killers stalking you can’t smell all the real-life poop you’ll be making while playing Dead By Daylight. There’s nothing worse than unlocking your escape only to have the killer pop up out of nowhere and cause you to soil yourself like a scared thing that fears for its life. Now you’re just stuck on hook, slowly bleeding to death and you’re not even wearing clean underwear anymore.

  1. Dead Space

 In space, no one can hear you poop. But your roommates definitely can hear your screams and smell the aftermath of being attacked by a horrendous, Cronenbergian necromorph cacophony of mangled human flesh. How do necromorphs even poop out all those people they eat? Talk about a major plot hole! Be sure to buy stock in Depends Adult Diapers before playing this one!

  1. Decap Attack: Starring Chuck D. Head 

More like De-crap attack! Because you’ll be so crapped out after playing the scariest, spookiest, most horrifying game ever! Right? Be sure to leave all the windows in your house or apartment open so you don’t literally drown in an ocean of your own scaredy-poops! They should give this game to people with constipation issues! It’s more potent than a prune juice smoothie with an extra helping of laxatives. Just look at it! There’s a guy with a face in his stomach who throws severed heads! And the island is shaped like a spooky skeleton! Talk about a party pooper!

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Blake has been writing and making videos about pop-culture and games for over 10 years now. Although he'd probably prefer you thought of him as a musician and listened to his band, www.cartoonviolencemusic.com. If you see him on the street, buy him a taco or something.

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  1. I don’t think I have ever read anything that referenced pooping yourself more times than this article did. At first, I thought your bio said you made videos of poop-culture and was a little disappointed when I re-read it correctly.

    If I found something that talked more about poop than this article, I am pretty sure I would poop myself!

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